Siemens VAI replaces and restarts AOD stainless-steel converters at thyssenkrupp Nirosta within only three weeks

Linz, Austria, Aug 10, 2009

For the trade press

Siemens VAI Metals Technologies replaced two existing stationary AOD vessels and started up two new exchange-type AOD converters at the German stainless steel producer thyssenkrupp Nirosta in Krefeld, including auxiliary equipment. All installation work up until the converter start-ups in the Spring of 2009 was carried out within only three weeks’ time, minimizing production downtime. Following the fulfillment of the guarantee performance figures, the Final Acceptance Certificate was issued by the customer.

In the course of a modernization project at thyssenkrupp Nirosta, the two existing stationary AOD converters were replaced by Siemens VAI with new exchangeable AOD converters. The produced steel grades comprise mostly high-quality austenitic chromium-nickel grades used for a wide range of flat-steel applications. The project scope comprised the complete dismantling of the existing vessels down to their foundations, installation of two new horse-shoe-type trunnion rings with tilting drives for the exchange-vessel system as well as the engineering, supply and installation of the new converters and related equipment. Siemens VAI also provided civil works, steel structure, charging bins, modifications to the existing alloy- and flux-feeding system, new process-gas regulation stations, new waste-gas hoods, a converter exchange car, the converter relining and wrecking stand with tilting device, two converter transfer cars, two converter-preheaters and one jib crane. Some of the existing equipment and interfaces with the new equipment had to be adapted…read the rest of the article here.

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