Sudan to produce 50 tonnes of gold, maybe more this year

Sudan's government said it will produce at least 50 tonnes of gold and 40,000 tonnes of chromium this year, reports Reuters.

From small-scale manual operations, the country's mining minister said it would increase its output of the yellow metal from 42 tonnes last year.

The forecast for chromium production is about the same as previous years.

The minister also said eight mining companies produce in Sudan and more than 80 firms are in the exploration stage.

Hassai, the largest mechanized mine, is drilling deeper but its guidance is not available since its company was delisted last year.

Gold has become the country's largest export.

In a report from the Sudan Vision, the government said 500 permits had been granted for small-scale mining, which employs about 500,000 people.

Sudanese officials have called on the Southern and Eastern African Mineral Centre to expand its membership to more African countries and lead efforts to upgrade the mineral sector across the continent.

Image: Retlaw Snellac, Creative Commons, Flickr