Afghanistan Mining News

How lapis lazuli helped uncover the role of women in the creation of medieval manuscripts

Prior to this discovery, it was thought that mainly men were allowed to use the blue stone.

At least 30 gold miners killed in tunnel collapse in northern Afghanistan

Officials said the victims were villagers who were mining for gold illegally, rather than in a government project.

Taliban, Islamic State make millions from mining Afghan minerals

The international NGO in a report on Tuesday estimates the Taliban earns $2.5 million to $10 million a year from mining talc alone.

Coal mine collapses in Afghanistan killing five

Officials say the mine was dug with little regard for safety.

China plans to destroy an ancient Buddhist city to get the copper buried there

Two Chinese state-owned mining companies plan to destroy an ancient Buddhist city in Afghanistan in order to get the copper underneath it, according to a new documentary.

Taliban says ok for China to develop huge Afghan copper mine 

A promise by the Taliban to safeguard the world's second largest untapped copper deposit is being downplayed by the sitting government of Afghanistan.

Taliban offer 'security' for copper, gas projects

Armed group behind much of the violence over the past 15 years has offered to protect major Afghan government projects.

Afghanistan deploys security forces in large illegal mining crackdown

The country lost at least $27.5 million in revenue from lapis lazuli between 2014 and 2015. In contrast, armed groups earned about $20 million just in 2014.

Afghanistan may contain large resources of undiscovered potash: USGS

Together with other Central Asian countries it is said to have the potential to hold between 39 and 54 billion metric tons of undiscovered potash resources.

To avoid further strife, Afghanistan should leave its copper in the ground: Antony Loewenstein

Afghanis say that since the Aynak copper mine was set up, their lives have become plagued with conflict and environmental destruction.

Afghanistan's rare earth element bonanza

It's also the “Saudi Arabia of lithium."

Mine collapse kills 28 in north Afghanistan

A coal mine in a remote area of Samangan province collapsed on Saturday after a gas explosion.

Afghanistan starts new commercial oil production in July

The China National Petroleum Corporation will operate the project.

Afghanistan mineral deposits estimated at $1 trillion

US hydrologists and mining engineers are working with Afghans southeast of Kabul to conduct tests.

The UK goes after a piece of the Afghan $1 trillion mining pie

The government has set up a three-year, $15 million plan to back mining and oil and gas projects in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan faces airborne gold exodus

Bullion sent via commercial plane flights to the money-laundering center of Dubai

Afghanistan grants key copper and gold permits

The government of Afghanistan announced Friday its preferred bidders for three of its four current mineral tenders, with a consortium backed by City of London banker Ian Hannam, former BHP Billiton CEO Chip Goodyear and Poland’s multibillionaire Jan Kulczyk, emerging as the biggest winner.

China's pursuit of copper threatens ancient Buddhist ruins in Afghanistan

A Chinese copper project in Afghanistan threatens a wealth of archeological sites dating from the 5th century of the Common Era and earlier.

Afghanistan to reveal final bidders for giant gold deposit

The Afghanistan Ministry of Mines said Tuesday it opened its final bid for the Badakhshan gold deposit, located in the northeastern province of Badakhshan.

Afghanistan's trillion-dollar mineral assets imperilled by corruption

Mining companies would give their eye teeth to exploit Afghanistan’s recently discovered $1 trillion of untapped mineral wealth, but analysts warn that corruption, war and lack of infrastructure are likely to keep delaying a mining boom in the country.

Indian consortium among firms shortlisted for Afghan copper, gold assets

A consortium of Indian firms is among 25 companies shortlisted to invest in new copper and gold deposits in Afghanistan.

India wants to truck Afghan ore through Pakistan

India is hoping to bury the hatchet with its historical rival Pakistan, at least enough for both sides to benefit from a massive iron ore deposit in Afghanistan.

Iron ore, check; Indian companies now looking to bid on Afghan copper, gold deposits

After achieving a toe-hold in Afghanistan with the award of a major iron ore contract, Indian companies are turning their attention to the troubled country's copper and gold reserves.

Afghanistan to Sell Bamiyan's Siya Dara Iron Mine

The Afghan Ministry of Mines on Saturday announced that it is selling the rights to develop Bamiyan's Siya Dara iron mine.

Coal mine incident kills another labor in Baghlan province

According to reports, another Afghan coal mine labor was killed at northern Nahrin district of Baghlan province during the rescue efforts on Saturday evening. The latest casualty tolls up the number to 12 who have been killed in Nahrin coal mine collap...