ALROSA Mining News

Alrosa launches new Zarya pipe in eastern Russia

The new deposit should compensate for the depleting stock of the Komsomolsky open-pit mine.

Investor sentiment in diamond mining stocks makes for a contrarian play

Natural diamond supply is estimated to come off this year and continue to incrementally decline through at least 2021, which should be supportive of diamond prices and thus miners.

Jewelers must disclose whether diamonds are mined or synthetic — FTC

The Diamond Producers Association, which represents mining companies like De Beers, Rio Tinto and Alrosa, welcomed the FTC insistence that companies distinguish between diamonds that are mined and those that are made in laboratories.

Russia's Alrosa raises $11.8m in New York diamond sale

The world's biggest producer of rough diamonds in carat terms raised $11.8m in its first New York diamond auction this year.

Alrosa says Verkhne-Munskoye deposit is more prolific than previously thought

During a 5-day experiment, the company extracted 239 diamonds larger than 8 carats.

Russian diamond miner Alrosa wants controlling stake to mine in Zimbabwe

Alrosa will assess Zimbabwe's diamond reserves over the next six months but would only start mining if it can take a majority stake in such a project.

Alrosa's Mir mine won't reopen before 2030

Russian diamond giant says decision to restore underground mine will be made before 2024, but construction could take up to eight years.

Alrosa's resources estimated in over 1 billion carats

Reserves were estimated at 628 million carats.

Alrosa's 2018 net profit up 15%

Russian state-controlled diamond producer Alrosa said on Friday its 2018 net profit rose to 90.4 billion roubles ($1.4 billion).

Diamond recycling could save the natural industry

De Beers quietly entered the recycled diamond business in 2016.

Alrosa’s February diamond sales up 23% over January

Rough diamonds sales in February increased to $340.6 million, compared to $278.2 million in January 2019.

Zimbabwe to scrap platinum and diamond mine ownership rules

Zimbabwe holds the world’s second-largest known reserves of platinum-group metals after South Africa, plus substantial deposits of gold, diamonds, lithium, iron ore, coal, chrome and nickel.

Alrosa unearths 99 carat gem-quality diamond

The rock, a unique transparent one with a visible yellow shade and of gem-quality, is the second major find since the launch of the Verkhne-Munskoye diamond deposit.

Heart-shaped diamond found in time for Valentine’s Day

The unusual gem found by Alrosa weighs 65.7 carats.

Alrosa exhibits largest pink diamond ever found in Russia

The Russian miner sees encouraging prospects from colourful diamonds, market in which it aims to become the world’s leader.

Alrosa sales fell in January

Diamond sales dropped by 44% year-on-year in the first month of 2019.

Russia’s Alrosa finds its largest diamond in over two years

The 191.46-carat stone was found earlier this month at the company's Udachny mining and processing division.

Russia's Alrosa, China’s Anjin to dig for diamonds in Zimbabwe

World’s top diamond producer by output Alrosa and China-owned Anjin are the two foreign companies chosen by Zimbabwe's government to partner the state-diamond miner in exploring and digging up diamonds.

Alrosa names new executive to lead US business

Rebecca Foerster, former Vice President of Strategic Planning and Marketing at Leo Schachter Diamonds, was appointed President of Alrosa USA Inc.

Alrosa made big bucks at international auctions

Given the positive feedback received following two sales events in New York, the company decided to increase the number of auctions in the United States this year.

ALROSA earns $463m at international auctions in 2018

Alrosa traditionally holds its auctions in Russia, Belgium Israel, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

Russia’s Alrosa back to mining diamonds in Zimbabwe

The world’s top diamond producer by output, is returning to Zimbabwe after almost two years, as the company continues to expand beyond Russia.

ALROSA increases rough and polished diamond sales to $4.5B

ALROSA saw a 6% growth in its diamond sales last year.

ALROSA among leaders of environmental and energy efficiency rating

The environmental and energy characteristics of almost 6 thousand companies were compared during the preparation of the rating.

Alrosa makes $90m in Israel

The world’s top diamond producer held six auctions this year in the Middle Eastern country.