ALROSA Mining News

ALROSA launches children's rest and recreation campaign

ALROSA, the world leader in diamond mining, will send over 2.5 thousand children of the Company's employees on vacation to Russia's health resorts during the summer holidays.

Russian state fund mulls buying into diamond miner Alrosa

The Russian Direct Investment Fund is considering taking a part in the privatization of the country's diamond miner Alrosa.

Russia's Alrosa to hold US, UK investor meetings ahead of stake sale

The Russian government aims to make more than 60 billion roubles ($909 million) from selling a 10.9 percent stake in Alrosa, with the sale taking place on the Moscow Exchange this year.

Alrosa vice president Andrey Polyakov assumes world diamond council's presidency

The World Diamond Council brings together representatives of the entire international diamond industry supply chain, from mining through retail.

Russia approves plan to sell stake in diamond giant Alrosa

The miner, along with fellow Russian firms Rosneft, VTB Bank and Bashneft are among the most likely candidates for privatization this year.

This is the first and only miner upgraded this year

Mining's marquee names have had their credit investment ratings slashed or reduced to junk. This diamond company is defying the downturn.

Big boost for world's top diamond miner

Moody's upgrades Alrosa credit, praising Russian firm's low-cost reserve base, technical mining expertise, solid liquidity and conservative financial policy.

Alrosa forecasts brighter times for diamond sector

The Russian firm, which together with De Beers controls almost two-thirds of the diamond market, is being prepped for privatization.

Diamond dedicated to mothers of Russia

Company President Andrey Zharkov signed an order to give to the fact of a gem-quality diamond extraction the name Mothers of Russia.

ALROSA opens a branch in Russia's far East

ALROSA Supervisory Board approved the decision to open a branch in Vladivostok. It is the first step on the way to creating Russian Diamond Centre in the Primorye Territory.

Alrosa’s diamond reserves up to 1.108 billion carats

The update comes as the world's top diamond producer revealed the results of its prospecting and geologic exploration carried out last year

This is the 122-carat diamond Alrosa just found at its Jubilee pipe

The massive rock worth about $1.5 million.

ALROSA President pays a working visit to India

ALROSA's management, headed by the President Andrey Zharkov, paid a working visit to Mumbai and Surat (India). The Company representatives visited the Special Notified Zone (SNZ) that was opened last year at Bharat Diamond Bourse.The […]

Despite De Beers and Rio's efforts, global diamond output to jump 1.3% this year

The miners concerted effort to limit global diamond supply is forecast to be offset by stable Russian production, new mines, and production increases by Dominion Diamond and Petra Diamonds.

Russia’s Alrosa quarterly sales up 45%

Rough diamonds sales rose to 7.1 million carats in October through December. This compares with 4.9 million carats of sales in the third quarter.

Dominion Diamond shareholders revolt, call for changes

Investors have publicly called on the company’s independent directors to deal with the “misguided policies and missed opportunities” that have hurt their investment.

ALROSA Supervisory Board Approves 2016 Budget

The 2016 mining operations plan is drawn up in accordance with ALROSA's Long-term Development Program. Diamond production by ALROSA Group is expected at up to 39 million carats.

This is the 106-carat diamond Alrosa unearthed from its Jubilee pipe

The stone, described as being of "4 Black Sawables 2 colour" quality with an octahedral shape, was extracted by the company's business unit, Aikhal Mining and Processing Division (MPD).

Diamond miners likely to cut prices further in 2016 to lift demand — Moody's

The rating and research agency expects producers to have to deepen cut prices as supply and demand challenges continue into the new year.

Alrosa’s revenue down in Q3 as sales almost halved

The loss was also an effect of the depreciation of the Russian ruble against the U.S. dollar and the revaluation of dollar-denominated loans and borrowings.

Vladislav Zhdanov appointed as Alrosa Vice President

Vladislav Zhdanov formerly was in charge of marketing risks management and business model optimization at machine-building holding company Zhejiang Noblelift Equipment JSC in CIS and Eastern Europe.

These two record-breaking diamonds were bought for $77 million, by the same person

Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau bought the world's most expensive diamonds for his 7-year-old daughter, in less than 24 hours.

This interactive timeline will teach you all about diamond mining

It all began about 900 million years ago.

Alrosa sells less than half the diamonds it mined

The rough-diamond miner extracted about 11.6 million carats in Q3, or 20% more than in the same period last year. However, it could only sell 4.9 million carats.

China’s weak demand for diamonds drags sector into slump

Prices for the precious rocks have fallen almost 12% in the past year, amid weakening diamond jewellery demand from China, the second largest consumer after the U.S.