ALROSA Mining News

Diamond market players discuss industry development at forum

Players debated current state and future prospects of the diamond industry.

Alrosa subsidiary company will supply the equipment for MMC Norilsk Nickel

Bourevestnik, Inc. has won the tender of OJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel for the supply of 5 X-ray slurry analyzers for Talnah concentrating mill.

Alrosa’s biggest diamond mine goes underground

The company has officially shifted operations at its flagship Udachnaya mine from open-pit to underground mining.

Paragon Diamonds sees at least $160m in revenue from Lesotho mines

The miner, which does not yet generates any income, expects to kick-off production at its Lemphane and Mothae mines later this year.

Alrosa’s diamond prices down 6% so far this year, but recovery coming

It saw its rough diamond prices decrease by 3% in February and a further 3% at its May trading session, but the mienr expects market conditions to improve by the end of the year.

Seven diamond miners form group to fight synthetics

But some believe main challenge will be falling prices and wholesalers difficult access to credit to purchase rough diamonds.

Alrosa unearths 78.02-carat diamond from its Mir mine

According to the company, the gem is estimated is worth more than $600,000 if put on auction.

Lucara sells stake in African diamond project to Paragon for $8.5m

Developing Mothae and Lemphane concurrently would allow Paragon to benefit from significant economies of scale, said Paragon Diamonds.

Russia's Alrosa diamonds output up 6% in Q1

The miner also said that revenue from rough diamond sales was set to reach at least $1.1 billion, even though its first-quarter rough diamond prices dropped by 3%.

Alrosa sells bank, to focus exclusively on diamond mining

The miner owned an 84.66% stake in LLC MAK-Bank.

ALROSA and IDE sign a memorandum of understanding

The parties agreed to exchange information on polished diamond identification and grading, joint research toward new technologies for diamond cutting and polishing.

Russia's Alrosa output jumps 8%, but sees moderate growth this year

The miner also said it aims to increase sales by 1% percent in 2015, taking advantage of rising production and using offtake from its stock.

Russian miners find rock containing 30,000 diamonds

Unearthed at Alrosa's Udachnaya diamond mine, it was later donated for study as the diamonds it contained were pretty much worthless as gems.

Alrosa strenghtens ties with India

Russian diamond giant ALROSA and Indian Gem&Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) co-organized the World Diamond Conference in New Dehli, India.

Move over Alrosa, Rio Tinto wants to drive growth in India’s diamond sector

The miner hinted its 30-year partnership with the Indian diamond industry makes it the best fit to drive the sector’s growth in the country.

Putin seeks to boost Russian diamond trade through India

The Russian leader is expected to ink a long-sought deal with India during his visit to the country next week.

Russian diamond giant Alrosa Q3 output falls

The miner's total diamond production for the quarter reached 9.7 million carats, slightly down from 9.9 million carats in the same period last year.

Russian diamond giant Alrosa begins mining at Karpinskogo

The kimberlite pipe is located at the Lomonosov deposit in northern Russia.

Alrosa diamonds sales reach $3 million in less than 10 days

At the 2014 Hong Kong Gem & Jewellery Fair.

ALROSA president resigns for health reasons

Vice-president becomes acting president.

Diamond miner Alrosa's output down 16%

The world's No.1 diamond company by output also said its diamond production dipped in the first half of 2014 by 7%, standing at 15.9 million carats.

Alrosa diamonds sold for an average $118.50/carat in Q1 2014

Company's rough diamond prices proxy for opaque market.

Alrosa opens Russia’s largest diamond mine

The Udachny mine, in the country's northeast, is also expected to become one of the world’s biggest underground diamond operations.

Diamond miner Alrosa's profit down 3% in first quarter

But the world's No.1 diamond company by output saw a big jump in revenue: up 43% to $1.6 billion

World’s leading hub for diamond trade threatened by further Russian sanctions

While Russia can always sell its diamonds at other trading centres, Antwerp will likely be left scrambling to find a new source of the coveted gems.