ALROSA Mining News

Russian diamond giant Alrosa Q3 output falls

The miner's total diamond production for the quarter reached 9.7 million carats, slightly down from 9.9 million carats in the same period last year.

Russian diamond giant Alrosa begins mining at Karpinskogo

The kimberlite pipe is located at the Lomonosov deposit in northern Russia.

Alrosa diamonds sales reach $3 million in less than 10 days

At the 2014 Hong Kong Gem & Jewellery Fair.

ALROSA president resigns for health reasons

Vice-president becomes acting president.

Diamond miner Alrosa's output down 16%

The world's No.1 diamond company by output also said its diamond production dipped in the first half of 2014 by 7%, standing at 15.9 million carats.

Alrosa diamonds sold for an average $118.50/carat in Q1 2014

Company's rough diamond prices proxy for opaque market.

Alrosa opens Russia’s largest diamond mine

The Udachny mine, in the country's northeast, is also expected to become one of the world’s biggest underground diamond operations.

Diamond miner Alrosa's profit down 3% in first quarter

But the world's No.1 diamond company by output saw a big jump in revenue: up 43% to $1.6 billion

World’s leading hub for diamond trade threatened by further Russian sanctions

While Russia can always sell its diamonds at other trading centres, Antwerp will likely be left scrambling to find a new source of the coveted gems.

Alrosa announces measures on short-term debt refinancing

Russian state-controlled Alrosa's bank loans and public debt instruments account for $4 billion with long-term debt share of 88% as of Wednesday.

Alrosa’s production, revenue up in Q1

Diamond production went up by 6% in the first quarter of the year.

Russia’s Alrosa to export 36 million carats of diamonds in 2014

The miner believes rough diamonds prices will soar next year.

Russia begins sale of $8.7 billion state-owned diamond miner

Sale's final price to be announced on Oct. 28.

Russia slashes stake in top diamond miner Alrosa, set it for $1.6-bn float

Alrosa’s shares took off on the news, adding as much as 9% Wednesday, the highest level since December 2011.

Russian Alrosa’s net profit almost doubled in Q2

It reached almost 9 billion roubles ($257 million), up from 3.5 billion for the same period last year.

Russia’s Alrosa unearths $1 million diamond

The octahedron-shaped diamond is transparent with a yellow tinge.

Russian Alrosa renews rough supply contract with Rosy Blue

The company recently closed another deal worth nearly $60 million with U.S jewellery giant Tiffany.

Miner injured at Alrosa's mine dies in hospital

The miner who was injured at ALROSA's Mir mine in early October has died in the hospital, a company spokesman said.

$1.5 million gigantic diamond unearthed in Russia

A jaw-dropping 158.2-carat diamond worth over $1.5 million, which was discovered in Russia early this month by Alrosa, was shown to the public for the first time Thursday.

ALROSA sees FY 2012 sales at $4.5 billion

With due consideration of the requisite sales dip in March-August aimed at preserving the price stability on the market, ALROSA forecasts consolidated sales by ALROSA Group to reach USD 4.5 billion in full year 2012.

Alrosa sells 51% in Timir iron ore project to Evraz

Russia’s state-owned diamond company Alrosa said its board approved the sale of 51% of its Timir iron-ore unit in Siberia to Evraz Plc (EVR), the steelmaker part-owned by mining billionaire Roman Abramovich.

Rio Tinto in talks to sell Diavik diamond mine to Harry Winston

A deal between Rio Tinto and Toronto-based jeweller Harry Winston Diamond, which is looking to become the sole owner of the Diavik Mine, might be around the corner.

Alrosa's board talks about the future

The company's supervisory board, which met in the wake of Russia's announcement to sell its in 51% stake in Alrosa, outlined intentions to reduce open-pit mining, increase diamond reserves to over 1.1 billion carats and invest in iron ore.

Russia could sell all of Alrosa

Plans to sell a stake in 90%-owned Alrosa, the largest diamond supplier in the world, would make up a huge chunk of the $9.3 billion Russia hopes to generate from asset sales this year.

Alrosa not planning major investment in Timir iron ore project

Interfax cited Mr Igor Kulichik Russian diamond miner vice president and financial director as saying that Alrosa is not planning major investments in the near term in the Timir iron ore project in Yakutia a 51% stake in which it is selling to steelmaker Evraz Group.