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Peru mining investment down 14% on unrest, violence, low metal prices

Total for this year may be $7.7 billion, down from 2014's $8.7 billion and significantly lower than a record $10 billion in 2013.

Three key takeaways from the US Geological Report

More broadly, U.S. mining supports more than 1.2 million jobs.

Busy times ahead: global mining deals on their way up

Gold assets among favourites.

Mexican copper mine 'too slow' to report spill

Grupo Mexico has denied reports claiming it did not immediately report a massive acid spill from its Buenavista mine in the country's north.

Global mining deals picking up, but far from returning to boom times

Companies’ low valuation, the current focus on operational efficiency in the mining sector, and the chase for overseas assets by Chinese investors, are pushing deals up.

Mining deals for about $10bn coming soon to a market near you—E&Y

However, the report says those funds are unlikely to be available to junior miners.

Chile’s Supreme Court lets Barrick keep permit, but upholds freeze on Pascua Lama

Ruling leaves the door open for new lawsuits against the Toronto-based miner.