Antimony Mining News

Australia launches Critical Minerals Strategy 2019 focused on innovation and tech

The plan puts emphasis on emphasis on agritech, aerospace, defense, renewable energy and telecommunications.

Walker River and Smooth Rock to join forces in Nevada gold-copper project

The companies want to enter into an exploration agreement with an option to form a joint venture on the Garfield Flats project.

Jaxon discovers new mineralization at Red Springs

Jaxon is designing a multi-disciplinary exploration program to map the sources of the mineralization.

Russian gold miner Polyus profits rise, antimony sales start

Earlier this year, the company said it would aim to produce up to 15 percent of global antimony output, used primarily to make fire retardants and batteries.

Glencore tries to enforce its rights in Bolivia

Bolivia seized three of Glencore’s operations in nine years and the Swiss giant is now initiating arbitration proceedings against the South American nation.

Europe closes in on conflict minerals

An annual list that reveals the names of mineral smelters that do not use raw materials linked with criminal gangs is at the heart of Europe’s push to clean up the world’s mining industry.

Midas Gold gets $9.8 million financing from Teck Resources

A gold-antimony-silver project in Idaho.

INFOGRAPHIC: Antimony, fireproof and supply-critical

Antimony naturally occurs in the Earth’s crust. More importantly it’s used in screens, batteries and to make heat sensitive products flame retardant.

INFOGRAPHIC: Why asteroid mining is necessary

Platinum will be depleted in 20 to 30 years.

Local governor stops operations at East Mining's Tulcingo mine due to lack of permits

The governor of Tulcingo de Valle, Puebla, Mexico, has informed that the exploitation of antimony at the Tulcingo mine has been suspended due to the fact that the company responsible for the mine, East Mining, has failed to provide the necessary permits.

Antimony market to remain volatile while China restructures for the future

World antimony production peaked at 203,500t Sb in 2011, driven by continued growth in consumption in flame retardants and lead-acid batteries, according to a new study by Roskill.

Mandalay Resources Corporation announces fourth quarter and 2011 full year financial results

The Company is on track to deliver significant earnings, EBITDA and cash flow growth again in 2012 as we expect the Cerro Bayo silver-gold mine will reach full production by the fourth quarter and the Costerfield gold-antimony mine will achieve more stable operations

Adroit Updates Antimony Soil Sampling in Italy

Management is pleased to report results from the summer and fall soil sampling surveys on certain of Adroit's antimony exploration permits in Grosetto Province, Italy. The surveys and analysis of the samples were carried out by Adroit's wholly owned Italian subsidiary, Risorse dei Minerali Naturali Srl (RMN).

Global Updates Regional Exploration

VANCOUVER, Nov. 27, 2011 /CNW/ - Global Minerals Ltd. (TSXV: CTG) ("Global or the Company") is pleased to provide this update on regional exploration activities

Antimony tops metals and minerals risk list, China controls 50% of 52 critical chemicals

The British Geological Survey (BGS) on Wednesday published the latest list of the 52 elements, minerals and metals most at risk of supply disruption because global production is concentrated in a few countries, many with unstable governments. Surprisingly rare earths used in green technology and defence do not top the list but comes in at number five. Antimony, extracted mainly from stibnite (pictured), widely used for fireproofing is most at risk. The platinum group metals (auto catalysts) hold the second spot while niobium used in touch screens and scanners and tungsten for cutting tools are also at risk of supply disruption as a result of increased competition among the world's growing economies, political instability, resource nationalism, along with events such as strikes and accidents. China is the number one producer of 50% of the 52 chemicals on the list and produces 75% of the world's antimony.

RCMP probe Calgary mining firm over Mexican bribery allegations

The RCMP have confirmed that a criminal investigation is now underway into bribery allegations against Blackfire Exploration Ltd., a Calgary mining company. In March 2010, a coalition of non-governmental organizations forwarded documents to police that appear to show 14 payments to the mayor of Chicomuselo, Julio Cesar Velazquez Calderon, and a letter from the company to the congress of the state of Chiapas in which the company asks for the mayor to be removed from power.