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West Virginia's trying to revive coal, one miner isn't convinced

West Virginia is dangling tax incentives for coal miners in an attempt to revive operations in Coal Country, but Contura Energy Inc. isn’t swayed just yet.

U.S. coal miners are shovelling more money than ever at investors

Strong export prices are providing healthy cash flows for now. But with U.S. utilities largely shifting to cheap natural gas and clean renewables, there’s not much reason to dig new mines or scoop up acquisitions.

Coal miners to see improved finances: Fitch

The market research firm states that despite coal being an increasingly targeted commodity on environmental protection grounds, the demand remains strong.

Alpha Natural Resources, Arch Coal near bankruptcy exit deals

Alpha, which filed for bankruptcy in August last year, is scheduled to ask a federal judge Thursday to approve its exit plan despite objections to it.

Clinton begins touring core of US struggling coal industry

She is still trying to recover from her televised comments in March, when she said she would put coal companies and miners out of business.

America's top coal producers of 2015

These mines accounted for more than one quarter of U.S. coal production in 2015.

Arch Coal’s bankruptcy suggests a questionable strategy

The company's executives seem oblivious to the downward trend in the coal markets.

Arch Coal files for bankruptcy amid decline of US sector

Miner seeks to cut $4.5 billion in debt.

World coal consumption to drop up to 4% further by year-end

Use of coal for power generation peaked about two years ago, a new report suggests.

This is Hillary Clinton's $30bn plan to save coal miners

While the US Democratic presidential candidate doesn’t believe in coal mining, she plans to invest in job training and education, infrastructure and healthcare, and projects to turn abandoned mines into new real estate.

As Arch Coal falters, so do its hopes for an export terminal in the Pacific Northwest

The odds that the proposed Millennial coal-terminal expansion in Longview, Wash., will ever happen are plummeting right alongside Arch Coal’s fortunes.

Coal miners First Arch, Peabody hit by lawsuits over retirement plans

Both saw their stock collapse not just on these news, but also amid concerns that they will have to pay more for insurance that covers environmental damage.

These are the top-producing Central Appalachia coal mines in Q2'14

Second-quarter coal production at Central Appalachia's 25 top-producing mines totaled 11.63 million tons, up about 2.9% from the 11.30 million tons produced in the same quarter a year-ago.

US railroads to struggle with summer coal demand

Even if the railroad capacity problem is fixed, mine capacity may not be able to grow fast enough to meet demand, say experts.

Arch Coal posts $60 million loss; optimistic about future coal demand

Result of depressed prices and over-supply.