Areva Mining News

France's Areva rebrands to Orano in dire uranium market

French uranium mining group Areva closing the book on a years-long restructuring but still facing an uncertain future, with uranium prices at decade lows.

Areva leaves Nunavut after uranium project rejection

The Kiggavik uranium project called for one underground and four open-pit mines just west of Baker Lake, and would have provided at least 400 jobs.

Areva faces "uranium-gate" in Niger

French nuclear power giant Areva is reportedly cooperating with a legal enquiry by activists who say the company cheated Niger out of $3.25 million in uranium exports.

Areva earned $300 million in US uranium enrichment contracts last year

The announcement comes as the company is laying off about 50 workers in Lynchburg, Virginia, a bit more than half the jobs it has cut in the US as of late.

Government board rules against Arctic uranium mine

A $2.1 billion proposal to build a uranium mine in the Canadian far north will not be proceeding anytime soon.

Hearings start Monday on new uranium mine in Canadian Arctic

Hearings starting on Monday for a new uranium mine in Canada's Nunavut territory are attracting opposition from environmentalists and local First Nations who say the Kiggavik project impinges on important caribou calving grounds.

Cameco’s Cigar Lake to produce 6-8 million pounds in 2015

The Canadian company, the world's third-biggest uranium miner, expects the mine to reach full production of 18 million pounds per year in 2018.

Areva begins processing uranium from Cameco’s Cigar Lake

Cameco’s Cigar Lake mine is set to become one of the world’s biggest by 2018.

Uranium exploration deal for Northern Territory

Uranium mining hopeful Toro Energy has signed a farm-in joint venture deal with nuclear powerhouse AREVA Resources.

France's Areva expects uranium prices to rebound

Company acknowledges the short-term outlook is bad.

Areva office, ex-staffs homes raided by police over purchase probe

The ongoing investigation focuses on the controversial $2.5billion acquisition of Canadian rival UraMin in 2007.

Areva reaches uranium mining deal with Niger, delays project

The Imouraren project’s production start date has been pushed back several times. It was last due in 2015.

No deal: Areva and Niger miss deal deadline again

The two parties have been negotiating a new uranium mining contract for two years now.

French government backs Niger in its battle with French uranium miner

Areva is fighting to keep its tax exemptions; France says Niger's decision to end them is 'legitimate.'

Why does Saudi Arabia need nuclear power?

The Saudi Kingdom may be a major oil exporter but it's got energy problems at home.

AREVA signs agreement with Saudi groups to develop country's nuclear program

Signed while French President Francois Hollande was in Riyadh

Mining starts at world's second biggest uranium mine

With the announced capacity of 18 million pounds U308 per year, Cigar Lake will only marginally lag behind the world’s biggest uranium mine, the McArthur River in Saskatchewan.

5,000 march against French uranium miner in Niger

Areva's contract with the Niger government covering 4,500 tonnes per year is up for renegotiation.

France's Areva running at full capacity after May suicide attack

Niger attack killed one worker, injured 14 in May.

Suicide bombers attack Areva uranium mine in Niger

One employee dead and 14 wounded.

UK puts a $4.6bn price tag on Urenco stake

Potential buyers could include Canada’s Cameco, Toshiba, France's Areva and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

Areva to resume test drilling for uranium in Nunavut

The company has opened a winter road and intends to move about 200,000 litres of fuel and other supplies to the site.

Canada to supply India with nuclear energy

After two years fine-tuning details of their nuclear cooperation agreement, Canada and India have finally reached consensus and the countries representatives announced Tuesday a deal that will see Canadian companies ship their uranium to the South Asian nation for nuclear energy.

Nunavut uranium mine could open by 2017

Areva's Kiggavik mine in Nunavut, northern Canada, could be open as early as 2017, CBC News is reporting.