Asia Mining News

Ice-free Arctic summers on the way: report

Arctic summer melt to arrive by 2030.

Asia's fierce competition for commodities

Asia is at a dangerous crossroads of resource dependence, geopolitical tension and environmental degradation.

Japan gets the green light to mine coal in Mozambique

The mine, scheduled to start operating in 2016, is expected to produce 5 million tonnes of coking coal a year.

US must reform mine permit process to grow domestic rare earth industry: study

Calls getting louder for domestic US rare earth production.

Why Rick Rule bought $280m of platinum and palladium

When Rick Rule pairs lower grades, labor strife and inefficient mines with the relentless demand for platinum and palladium, his result is an investment thesis that could pay off for bullion and equity investors.

Two-thirds of graphene patents held by just three countries

A "scatter gun approach" to patent filing.

The end of the gold era: SocGen report

More bearish gold calls.

Fresh delays hit Glencore-Xstrata $76 billion mega merger

New deadline for completion is May 2.

Jim Rogers' North Korea bet

Jim Rogers makes a case for buying North Korean coins.

Construction of $9bn Roy Hill iron ore mine kicks off, no $2-a-day workers needed

The biggest Australian iron ore mine to emerge in decades would not employ any of the 1,700 foreign construction workers it had been allowed to import.

Tibet landslide traps 83 gold miners

Most of the workers are believed to be ethnic Chinese attracted by the opportunities Tibet's vast mineral wealth provides.

US lobby warns Pentagon against further dependence on Chinese rare earths

Governments around the world have become increasingly attentive to rare earths as their strategic value has become clearer.

Production at Uranium One up 15 pct but average sales price 11 pct lower

$102.3 million writedown in Tanzania.

Iraq-Kurdistan's looming 'oil showdown'

The flashpoint for the armed conflict is the Kirkuk oilfield on the boundary between the two sides.

INFOGRAPHIC: Mining sector has second largest gender pay gap

The largest wage gap was in construction.

Ten mining experts you should follow on Twitter's first 'Twitter Mining Top Ten' list.

Japan’s massive rare earth discovery threatens China’s supremacy

The deposit contains rare earths that are 20 to 30 times more concentrated than those coming from China.

Further evidence of the 'gold production cliff': Intierra

New gold discoveries declined by 45% over the past decade.

You can stop worrying about ETF outflows now. Indian gold imports have surged 41%

India's imports averaging 87 tonnes a month helps to explain resilience of gold price despite record ETF outflows.

Political infighting may be behind latest Oyu Tolgoi delay

Mongolian state representative on Oyu Tolgoi board may be jockeying for position ahead of presidential elections.

Gold investors deaf to Fed stimulus talk as India joins ETF sell-off

Ben Bernanke stays on path to $4 trillion, but gold attracts no inflation-hedge buying.

Mosaic invests $1bn in Saudi venture

The deal is the biggest-ever overseas venture for the fertilizer company.

Alberta government steps up marketing campaign to sway Americans on Keystone XL

With the long awaited Keystone XL decision looming, the Alberta government took out a $30,000 ad in the New York Times to appeal to Americans.

Fresh warnings of eventual financial system collapse

Paul Craig Roberts and Eric Sprott say the current financial system is headed for ruin.

Experts survey sees gold moving up next week

For the first time in over a month, a majority of analysts see gold prices up in the coming week.