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Exotic travel and lots of money: commodity trader for a major miner lists business perks

A social media user who claims being a commodities trader at giant Glencore (LON:GLEN) opened up a forum on Reddit on Sunday in which he answered lots of questions about what it's like to work at the big firm.

China seeks to expand into Iranian mining sector

A senior Chinese official has flagged Beijing's strong interest in Iranian resources.

Machine part discovered in 300 million-year old lump of coal

A metal implement which appears to be the toothed rail of a gear shift has been found in a lump of coal around 300 million years in age

"Peak Oil" impacting Norwegian and Saudi 2013 production?

While it is hard to ramp up much sympathy for petro-states, Norway and Saudi Arabia are both facing a murky 2013 as domestic production falls, pushing both nations towards some difficult (and expensive) choices.

Centerra Gold responds to rumours of Kumtor’s mine licence cancellation

Local media reported that Kyrgyzstan minister of economy, Temir Sariyev, implied that Centerra would have its permit revoked and a new company would continue to extract gold from Kumtor.

Problems at the world's largest coking coal mine escalate

Mongolia is planning to cancel China coal-supply contract, and has delayed Tavan Tolgoi's IPO.

Jamaica gives the green light to rare earth feasibility study

The mining of rare earth minerals in the Caribbean nation of Jamaica has come a step closer after its government gave the go-ahead to the feasibility study for a proposed extraction project

Big 4's massive new iron ore supply cutting juniors off at the knees

Projects by smaller players won't survive the double digit prices that are coming soon.

Kirkuk poised for conflict, BP enters fray

This is the deal that could tip tensions toward out-right conflict between the Iraqi Kurds and the Iraqi central government.

BHP axes coal costs, fuels aluminum writedown speculation

In its half-year production update, BHP highlighted challenges faced by its aluminum and nickel businesses.

India strives to undermine its gold bugs

India's finance minister has called for the South Asian giant to curb its external purchases of bullion in order to balance the country's current account and improve resource allocation.

Gold bumped higher by Japanese stimulus commitment

Gold edged higher in Tuesday trading following the Bank of Japan's announcement that it would implement in stimulus measures to boost the country's stagnant economy

BHP Billiton production report for the half year ended December 2012

The release highlights iron, copper, petroleum and coal production.

Japanese bond collapse will send money flooding into precious metals: Pento

Veteran investor Michael Pento says the deep-rooted troubles of Japan's economy could send a rush of money into gold and silver should domestic interest rates increase.

Australia and India to start talks on uranium sales

Government representatives will meet in March.

India hikes import tax on gold by 50%

The country raised the import tax on gold to from 4% to 6% on Monday, with the aim to curb purchases and rein in its ballooning current account deficit.

New mercury treaty leaves artisanal gold miners in limbo

Artisanal gold mining, the largest source of global mercury pollution in small-scale operations, is the only source of income for as many as 15 million people in 70 countries, mostly poor ones.

South Africa to announce decision on Glencore–Xstrata on Tuesday

South Africa's Competition Tribunal will publish its official decision on the proposed Glencore-Xstrata merger tomorrow.

S.Africa replaces India as China's No 3 iron ore supplier

South Africa overtook India to become China's third-biggest iron ore supplier in 2012, while Australia strengthened its dominant position as the major supplier to Beijing, data from customs showed on Monday.

Mongolia stops coking coal exports to China in pricing scrap

Tavan Tolgoi's high-quality coal is being sold to cheaply says CEO.

Raking over the Rio coals

A round up of commentary on the CEO switch.

'Having the balls' to grab Oyu Tolgoi said to be Albanese's greatest achievement

That and fighting off BHP's advances.

STATS: China's fixed investment in mining is putting the rest of the world to shame

Mining capex was up 12% to $211 billion last year.

World's biggest wind farm will be built near Fukushima nuclear power plant

Project completion is expected by 2020