Asia Mining News

India supreme court lifts blanket ban on iron ore mining

India is the world's third largest producer of iron ore.

Copper hammered again, lowest level in 18 months

Copper prices dropped for the second straight day on Thursday.

AREVA discovers big uranium deposit in Mongolia

The company reported 50,000 tonnes of uranium in inferred resources.

How Canadian mining can maintain its global competitive edge

Canada should not take for granted its position as a mining industry giant.

Bumi founder Rothschild pleased to see CFO leave

Bumi CFO Scott Merillees will not stand for re-election.

Iran struck by major earthquake again

There are no reports of nuclear reactors affected by the massive quake.

It's been a good run: commodities traders out-earned the big banks 2003-2013

No matter what happens to the 'supercycle', it's been a great decade for major commodities traders.

China copper imports up 7% in March

China seasonal manufacturing activity better than anticipated.

Japan iron ore imports up 7% in Jan-Feb

Japan's iron ore imports totaled 10.6 million tonnes in February this year.

Outgoing Ahmadinejad shopping for uranium in Niger

Ahmadinejad pays a visit to uranium giant Niger.

Myanmar to review existing mining and energy contracts

The move comes as the nation gets ready to sign up to the Norway-based Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).

Will saving the euro sacrifice the eurozone's competitiveness and solidarity?

What becomes of the eurozone matters to everyone.

Kurdish crude hits the international market

The Baghdad-Erbil oil standoff will escalate as the Iraqi Kurds sell their first crude oil.

INFOGRAPHIC: get the real price of anything using gold

Gold's steady purchasing power makes it an ideal pricing mechanism.

$45bn and counting: China's foreign mining misadventures

China's deep-pocketed pursuit of mining assets abroad is a tale of burnt fingers and bungles.

Inflation to play small part in 'Great Recession' narrative: IMF

Has the behaviour of inflation changed?

Alcoa, China spark massive rally in miners and metals

Great news from bellwether for industrial demand and globe's top commodity consumer spurs broad advance in metal and stock prices.

Iran earthquake kills 30, dangerously close to nuclear reactor

Southern Iran sits atop the active Arabian and Eurasian tectonic plates.

Afghanistan mineral deposits estimated at $1 trillion

US hydrologists and mining engineers are working with Afghans southeast of Kabul to conduct tests.

Foreign investment worth $26bn pushing US shale industry forward

Investors outside the country want in on American shale plays.

Mining companies investing intelligently now will be rewarded

2013 global mining trends.

New leak at Fukushima nuclear plant

Although this weekend's leakage was just over three litres, public concerns about the firm’s ability to safely manage the plant continue to mount.

Toro Energy in talks with Asian investors to take Wiluna to production

Company is open to selling between 30% to 50% of the uranium project to potential partners.

Shanghai’s long road to prosperity

U.S. Global Research Analyst Xian Liang was born and raised in Shanghai and says the road holds special significance to the country as it has more than 170 years of history.

Rare pink diamond heads to auction block with $40m sales estimate

Some jewellers estimate it will sell for about $40 million dollars.