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Fresh blow to Nat Rothschild in Indonesian coal boardroom brawl

Advisory firm tells shareholder to vote against some of his proposals.

Uranium supply threatened by force majeur in Kazakhstan and Niger

Uranium supply in key producers Kazakhstan and Nigeria could be severely impeded by weather problems and political turmoil.

Glencore could be looking at First Quantum takeover

Glasenberg is known as a voracious dealmaker and is said to prefer acquisitions over organic growth.

Kazakhstan reinforcing its leadership in the global uranium race

Kazakhstan continues to lead the world in uranium production.

Global mining industry faces unprecedented threats: report

Resource nationalism, poor infrastructure that hinders development and supply chain disruptions are some of the biggest risks the global mining sector will face this year.

Gold and silver to surge on Asian demand: Leeb

Renowned investment expert Stephen Leeb says gold and silver are set to embark upon "the greatest bull market people will ever see in their lifetimes" amidst an industrial squeeze and a surge in appetite for precious metals from Asia.

President: "Time has come for Mongolia to take Oyu Tolgoi matters into its own hands”

Mongolian president Elbegdorj delivers stinging rebuke to 'irresponsible' Rio over Oyu Tolgoi's runaway costs of $24bn.

Jumping exports give silver impetus in India

To gold starved Indian consumers, silver has taken on a brighter hue at home, but it remains the silver export sector that is leading the charge.

Iron Ore Exports at 2.6m Tons

Iran exported over 2.6 tons of granulated iron ore during August 20, 2011-January 19-2013, Iran Minerals Production & Supply Company announced.

Top 10 trends facing the mining industry

VIDEO: Deloitte's fifth annual global mining report on pressing issues and practical solutions to problems.

Potash Corp's profits plunge on dwindling Asian demand

Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan (TSE:POT) has logged a stunning 38% decline in Q4 profits due to dwindling demand from core Asian export markets India and China.

Report: Polyus putting 4 deposits containing 28m oz up for sale

Russian gold miner may get around $2.2 billion for the properties.

Report: Big changes coming to Kazakh mining

More stringent environmental enforcement and a shift of resources to regions.

Siberian family found by Soviet mining team after four decades of total isolation

A remarkable saga of survival in the remote Siberian wilderness has recently resurfaced, concerning the discovery by Soviet mining scientists of a family who had spent four decades of their lives in complete isolation from the outside world.

Rothschild-Bakrie mess makes London bourse look 'second-rate', fit only for 'speculative mining plays'

The saga has tarnished the Rothschild and Bakrie dynasties, but the LSE deserves much of the blame.

Rio threatens to halt work at Oyu Tolgoi over Mongolia's demands for bigger stake

The giant copper-gold mine is one of the richest prizes in mining and the Mongolian government has long coveted more of it.

Interest rate hike could trigger global meltdown: Kaye

Renowned hedge fund manager William Kaye says the world faces the prospect of another financial crisis should interest rates be increased and debt burdens be rendered unserviceable.

Iran denies reports of uranium enrichment explosion

Iran has denied reports of an explosion at its uranium enrichment facilities near the city of Qom in the country's center-north

Fresh threats to Centerra's Kumtor gold mine in Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz Republic government is once again trying to force Centerra to renegotiate the terms of its mining license for the Kumtor open pit gold mine, the country’s largest foreign investment.

Exotic travel and lots of money: commodity trader for a major miner lists business perks

A social media user who claims being a commodities trader at giant Glencore (LON:GLEN) opened up a forum on Reddit on Sunday in which he answered lots of questions about what it's like to work at the big firm.

China seeks to expand into Iranian mining sector

A senior Chinese official has flagged Beijing's strong interest in Iranian resources.

Machine part discovered in 300 million-year old lump of coal

A metal implement which appears to be the toothed rail of a gear shift has been found in a lump of coal around 300 million years in age

"Peak Oil" impacting Norwegian and Saudi 2013 production?

While it is hard to ramp up much sympathy for petro-states, Norway and Saudi Arabia are both facing a murky 2013 as domestic production falls, pushing both nations towards some difficult (and expensive) choices.

Centerra Gold responds to rumours of Kumtor’s mine licence cancellation

Local media reported that Kyrgyzstan minister of economy, Temir Sariyev, implied that Centerra would have its permit revoked and a new company would continue to extract gold from Kumtor.

Problems at the world's largest coking coal mine escalate

Mongolia is planning to cancel China coal-supply contract, and has delayed Tavan Tolgoi's IPO.