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Planetary Resources now has $21 million to help miners find resources… on Earth

Funds will be used to deploy and operate the firm's Earth observation program, known as Ceres.

Luxembourg aims high with asteroid mining deals

It’s home to just a half-million people, but the country is not thinking small when it comes to the future of mining.

Canadians to develop space mining tool

Deltion Innovations aims to design a drill that would prospect for water, ice and resources on the moon and beyond.

Luxembourg joins race to conquer space mining

The move comes only three months after U.S. President Barack Obama signed a space exploitation law.

One small step for mining's new frontier

Once a figment of science fiction films, the sometimes risky notion of mining in space may soon become a reality if asteroid miners have their way.

Asteroid miner 3D-prints spacecraft prototype with alien metal

What Planetary Resources' 3D-printed model so impressive is the fact that it’s made entirely out of metal that’s not from Earth.

Obama boosts asteroid mining, signs law granting rights to own space riches

While the law lets citizens mine, sell and own riches mined in space, it does not grant sovereignty, ownership, exclusive rights or jurisdiction over any celestial body.

US Congress grants citizens rights to own asteroid-mined riches

Until now, there was no legislature clarifying issues such as whether resources mined from celestial bodies could be sold on Earth.

Antarctica may hold the key to regulating mining in space

As we turn our eyes to the skies, we should also look south to gain some insight into governance matters in outer space.

Planetary Resources' first spacecraft begins testing asteroid prospecting technology

The Arkyd 3 Reflight (A3R) will spent its three-month orbiting mission sending back data to a group of scientists based at the firm’s headquarters in Redmond, WA.

Rocket explosion a fresh blow to asteroid mining ambitions

Sunday's fiasco was the third major failure for America's commercial space industry in less than a year.

Safe and efficient asteroid mining

One of the most frequent questions I get is regarding how and where asteroid mining will happen. As in golf, asteroid miners “will play it as it lays.”

Meteorites heading to Earth may contain trillions of diamonds

Gems founds in fragments of the Almahata Sitta meteorite were formed in an unknown planet that existed when our solar system was just forming, researchers say.

INFOGRAPHIC: Lunar gold rush — How moon mining could work

Across history, human development has relied upon the finite resources available on Earth. But the moon – a seemingly barren rock – may actually be a treasure trove of rare resources vital to Earth’s future.

US Congress passes bill on space mining

Welcome to the future.

Asteroid miner puts first demonstration spaceship in orbit

The Arkyd 3 Reflight (A3R) will spent three month in orbit trying to identify subsystems to explore and prospect for valuable resources on asteroids.

INFOGRAPHIC: Space Exploration is Taking Off

Up until recent years, the momentum associated with space exploration had more or less fizzled. While it would seem that rapid innovation is occurring in every other technology field worldwide, the hardware and business models used in space exploration have remained static aside from small, incremental improvements.

New application to increase Asteroid detection, now available to public

A software application based on an algorithm created by a NASA challenge has the potential to increase the number of new asteroid discoveries by amateur astronomers.

Here is how metal-eating bacteria may make asteroid mining profitable

The technique, known as biomining, is already being tested here on Earth as a sustainable treatment of ores and mine waste.

The failed landing of the SpaceX rocket was spectacular

"Close but no cigar."

Deep-sea mining pioneer now hunts for resources in space

Julian Malnic, the founder of world's first deep-sea miner Nautilus Minerals has joined the board of Deep Space Industries.

Space miner loses first satellite in rocket explosion

The affected company is Planetary Resources, the U.S.-based start-up aiming to mine asteroids.

Russia pushes forward plans to mine the moon

The country's ultimate purpose is to extract rare earth elements, breaking China's dominance and pushing prices down.

Canadian researchers modernize solar power with nano gold technology

Scientists have discovered that a small molecule created with just 144 atoms of gold can increase solar cell performance by more than 10%.

New diamond nanothreads may let scientists build space elevator

Scientists have discovered how to produce ultra-thin diamond nanothreads, a sort of very strongnanotubes, which could prove to be stronger and hardier element currently available.