Athabasca Oil Corp Mining News

Next year's challenge for Canada's oil patch comes from the sea

A new rule taking effect in 2020 aimed at reducing pollution by cutting the sulfur content of maritime fuel will make sulfur-heavy oil sands crude less desirable.

PetroChina wants to smoothly sail away from the oil sand business

The oil giant is “actively engaged” in talks to swap North American assets, mostly Canadian, with international oil companies.

Athabasca near closing $1.32 billion sale of Dover oil sands to PetroChina

But CEO Sveinung Svarte won’t publicly say when that date will arrive.

Athabasca Oil founder resigns after Dover project approval

William Gallacher, who founded Athabasca in 2006, is being replaced by Thomas Buchanan.

First Nation group to appeal Dover oil sands project approval

Athabasca Oil's share price drops 14%.