Belaruskali Mining News

Mine accident shows a potash market nervous about outages

Shares of some of the largest potash producers soared on speculation that the accident could knock out a large chunk of global production capacity.

Turkmenistan opens bid process for country’s second potash plant

The new plant, to be based at the Karabil potash deposit, is estimated to be worth about $1.4 billion.

A Belarus wildcard is shaking up the global market for potash

In the massive Soligorsk mine, workers 2,000 feet below ground are drilling at seams of pinkish rock and rattling a $20 billion commodity market.

India’s appetite for fertilizers beats expectations — Phosagro

After being practically absent from the Indian market for two years, the Russian firm has signed a three-year supply contract with IPL.

Canpotex finalizes pricing deal with China

While it did not release price terms, it is believed the group will be selling its crop nutrient for US$315 per a tonne,

Belaruskali deal with China dents other players’ chances

The move may be the first of many more competitive deals by producers in the potash market, which has historically operated with large joint ventures controlling prices.

Potash producers rejoice — China likely to pay more for it this year

According to analysts from Credit Suisse, Chinese importers will settle at $320 a tonne, versus $305 a tonne they paid last year.

Charges against former Uralkali CEO dropped, potash price war imminent

While criminal charges against Vladislav Baumgertner, former Uralkali CEO, were ditched, he may face further damages claims as part of the so-called potash case.

Belarus won’t tax potash exports in 2015

The nation first cut export tariffs to zero in September 2013 and won't reverse measure next year.

Uralkali’s potash goes on sale, India to pay lowest price in 7 years

The price is also about 25% below what India paid last year to the now defunct Belarusian Potash Co., which Uralkali owned jointly at the time with Belaruskali.

Uralkali will sell potash to China at a 24% discount on last year's price

The world's biggest potash producer will sell 700,000 tonnes to China for $305 per tonne in the first half of 2014.

The end of a bad year for potash producers; a sprinkle of hope in the new year

'2013 is likely to go down as one of the worst years in the history of the fertilizer industry,' the Motley Fool recently wrote.

Uralkali gets new owner but potash prices aren't likely to recover

The move could lead to a revival of the world's largest potash export cartel between Uralkali and Belaruskali.

Uralkali chief out of jail

Upheavals in the potash market continues.