Belgium Mining News

Nyrstar profit warning highlights zinc's disconnects

Belgian zinc producer Nyrstar issued a profit warning last week, citing "adverse market conditions".

Belgium's Umicore to invest over $370 m in Polish battery materials plant

The plant is the first of its kind built by Umicore in Europe and comes as the European Union is trying to develop EV battery manufacturing in the bloc.

Diamond museum opens in Belgium

The DIVA museum has a butler that allows visitors to peek inside various rooms where precious treasures are kept.

INFOGRAPHIC: The numbers behind the world's closest trade relationship

Whether we’re discussing the ancient merchants that traversed the legendary Silk Road, or the transfer of goods across modern border lines, trade has always been about building close relationships.

Gold rallies, European stocks fall after Brussels explosions

Risk aversion is back in the marketplace Tuesday, following the terrorist attacks in Belgium's capital.

Spanish police arrest American-Belgian man on ‘blood diamond’ charges

The 64-year-old American-Belgian citizen has become the first businessman ever arrested for suspected involvement in the illegal trade of “blood” diamonds.

ArcelorMittal cuts profit expectations for 2015 amid steel glut

The company now expects earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization, which is a more closely watched metric than net income in the steel industry, to be between $6bn and $7bn.

Brussels airport diamond heist: police launch fresh raids

Belgian authorities are hoping they have made a major breakthrough in solving a heist of diamonds and gems worth some 40 million euros ($42 million) at Brussels' international airport two years ago.

China’s alleged intentions to mine Antarctica spark global debate

New evidence has emerged of China's interest in digging for oil, gas a minerals in the frozen continent.

ArcelorMittal sells its coal mines to Russia's National Fuel Company

The assets include the coal mines of Berezovskaya and Pervomaskaya, which together produce 700,000 tonnes of coal a year.

Blood diamonds still at Central African mining sector’s heart

A year after an export ban on raw gems in the country, reports show its diamonds are being sold to traders from Sudan to Belgium.

Mining the Antarctic a big no-no

Costs and challenges for mining the Arctic, meanwhile, on their way up.

This $2 million red diamond is the hero in Rio’s annual tender

In the 30 years Rio Tinto's Argyle Pink Diamonds have been tendering the rare gems, only 13 red diamonds have been brought in.

ArcelorMittal back to profit despite challenging market conditions

The plunge in iron-ore prices is damping profits at the firm’s mining unit.

De Beers changing its diamond sales model

The world's largest diamond miner by market value said it will adopt a more flexible sales approach.

Diamond industry recovers place in miners’ hearts on climbing demand, prices

Sector now delivering some of the healthiest returns for many of the world’s biggest miners, including Rio Tinto and Anglo American.

World’s leading hub for diamond trade threatened by further Russian sanctions

While Russia can always sell its diamonds at other trading centres, Antwerp will likely be left scrambling to find a new source of the coveted gems.

Diamonds may be forever, but current prices are not— experts

Despite billions spent on exploration, only around 30 significant diamond mines are currently in production.

Money laundering, terrorism financing diamond trade in India, Israel, Belgium, Canada and the US — report

Global diamond trade is being used to launder illegal funds worth millions of dollars, claims polemic study.

Diamond prices to jump next year— Alrosa

A steady diamond demand in Europe, paired with an ever growing appetite for these precious stones in China and India, are to blame, says Alrosa.

Zimbabwe’s $2bn diamond revenue nowhere to be found

So far, no legal action has been taken against people allegedly involved in diamond-related corruption.

European Union revokes sanctions on Zimbabwe’s diamond firm—report

Despite claims of fraud in the July election that kept President Robert Mugabe in power.

ArcelorMittal lost $3.7 billion in 2012, faces violent protests

Stocks at the world’s top steelmaker by sales, ArcelorMittal (NYSE:MT), were down 1.71% at 10:09 am ET this morning after the company announced Wednesday a $3.7 billion net loss for 2012.

It’s getting warm in Antarctica, but mining still a pipe dream

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is warming at three times the global average. Would this open the door for mining?

Gangsters target Gujarati diamond traders in Antwerp

Gangsters are targeting affluent Gujarati businessman in the traditional European diamond trading capital of Antwerp.