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World's first commercial wireless blast initiating system could revolutionize mining

In what it describes as “a world first,”  Orica Mining Services has unveiled a commercial wireless initiating system “that has the potential to revolutionise modern mining methods.” “We believe this technology has the potential to enable […]

New mine project posted on Mine Developments – Trekkopje Project

The 128,979 ha project is approximately 65 km in a straight line northeast of the coastal town of Swakopmund and lies in the very arid desert region of western Namibia, southwestern Africa. Access is via […]

New mine project posted on Mine Developments – Pilanesberg Project

The project is located northwest of Rustenburg, Northwest Province, South Africa, and to the south of the Pilanesberg Game Reserve and Sun City. Covers the Frischgewaagd 96 JQ and Ledig 909 JQ farms. The proposed […]

Orica Mining Services Launches New Global Bulk Product Range in Australia and New Zealand

Today, 1st May 2008 Orica Mining Services has launched the New Global Bulk Systems Product Range in Australia and New Zealand. Orica has identified the need for globally consistent branding that allows us to speak […]

Dyno Nobel enters into agreement with Koch Nitrogen to market UAN

Dyno Nobel has entered into an agreement with Koch Nitrogen Company to market 100 per cent of the UAN (urea ammonium nitrate) produced at Dyno Nobel’s Cheyenne, Wyoming manufacturing facility. Koch has agreed to supply […]

ROC T15 for those small holes

  Atlas Copco's smallest hydraulic surface drill rig is ideal for applications such as self drilling anchors, bolting holes and boulder blasting. It has a horizontal coverage area of more than 18 m2. It can […]

Leveling the Playing Field

Most stone quarries are created by starting at ground level and excavating down into the earth. Nonetheless, there are a small number of quarries that are started high above ground level on a mountain or […]