Spanish police arrest American-Belgian man on ‘blood diamond’ charges

The 64-year-old American-Belgian citizen has become the first businessman ever arrested for suspected involvement in the illegal trade of “blood” diamonds.

This plant may be the best diamond-finding tool you’ll ever have

American geophysicist and Fulbright scholar, Stephen Haggerty, has found a new prickly, palm-like plant that seems to grow only on top of kimberlite pipes.

SEC tells Oxfam revision of Dodd-Frank rule on mining payments ‘not possible’ yet

The SEC said a rule requiring energy and mining companies to disclose payments to governments for the extraction of natural resources won't come until —at least— spring 2016.

INFOGRAPHIC: How to ensure your diamond is conflict free

Jeff Gear, the owner of Gear Jewellers Dublin, submitted this infographic that explores the realities of the blood diamond industry.

'Blood diamond' monitoring to remain focus on conflict-torn regions

The newly elected president of the World Diamond Council is not in favour of expanding the scope of the Kimberley Process scheme beyond conflict zones.

Ivory Coast wants UN diamond export ban lifted

Government says diamond trade is no longer a threat to fuel instability as civil war has ended and the Kimberley Process has backed the lifting of the embargo.

INFOGRAPHIC: The truth about conflict diamonds

And what can be really done to choose certified conflict-free diamonds.

Conflict diamond new definition not likely to see the light this year

The official definition of conflict diamond, as outlined by the Kimberley Process (KP), isn’t likely to change at the next week’s industry plenary in Washington D.C., says the head of the certification scheme, Gillian Milovanovic.

Diamond supply crunch on its way — analysts

Global production of diamonds reached 124 million carats last year and, according Bain & Company consultants, 13 new mines should be adding 23 million carats by the end of 2012. But Money Week’s analyst Tom Bulford is warning those and other figures are not sufficient to avoid a looming supply crunch.

Wife testifies at diamond dealer’s disappearance inquest

The wife of an Australian businessman, who vanished nine years ago while negotiating a million dollar diamond deal, testified Tuesday about why she didn’t report her husband’s disappearance to police as soon as it happened.

Blood Diamonds of ore: GE takes on conflict minerals

GE is one of 30 companies participating in a pilot program to implement guidelines on conflict minerals due diligence developed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Liberia tells the UN it lacks funds to fight blood diamonds

Liberia's questioned commitment to the diamond industry’s efforts to prevent blood gems trade has driven the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to threaten with cutting the program, but authorities says it insufficient funds and not lack of will what is stopping the country.

SEC sets new ‘conflict minerals’ rules

The new rules compel U.S. companies to release whether they purchase particular metals that have helped fuel war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

U.S. grants Zimbabwe officials visas for blood diamond meet despite rights concerns, sanctions

The Obama administration has granted visas to two senior officials from Zimbabwe to attend a meeting of an international body charged with monitoring and preventing the sale of blood diamonds, despite human rights concerns and financial sanctions against the pair.

Kimberley Process executive calls to redefine concept of conflict diamond

Kimberley Process leader Gillian Milovanovic has proposed a new definition of conflict diamonds to include acts of violence during his presentation at the opening of the 8th World Diamond Council (WDC) meeting in Vicenza, Italy.

Should the blood diamond concept be applied to other minerals?

Please go to our Facebook page and let us know if you think the blood diamond concept – where minerals from conflict zones are classified and monitored in a way similar to the Kimberley Process - should be applied to other minerals.

Historic verdict: Liberian ex-president Charles Taylor guilty of war crimes and fuelling conflict with blood diamonds

Liberian ex-president, Charles Taylor, was convicted today of war crimes for arming Sierra Leone's rebels in return for blood diamonds during the 1991-2002 civil war by a United Nations-backed court.

Tantalum: A Bloody Future?

First there were "blood diamonds," the gems that fuelled conflict and human rights abuses in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Then there was "conflict cocoa," the chocolate source that is harvested by children and funds civil […]