High power drives find myriad uses in Australia’s mining industry

Some of the most powerful drives ever engineered in Australasia by Bonfiglioli are featured in the company’s range of HD Hi-Torque drives in capacities up to 1,155 kW and 1,195,000 Nm of torque. With ratios from 23:1 up to 5000:1, the drives combine new generation HD helical drives now being assembled in Australia with Bonfiglioli’s compact [...]

Bonfiglioli Transmission to showcase advanced heavy industrial drives at Bulkex 09

already which is widely used in Australia, is being evolved to meet the demands presented by heavy industries such as mining.A Hi Torque drive, which is a combination Trasmital 319 planetary and HDO120 bevel helical, engineered for a wide

Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust) to display Trasmital 321L5FZ drives at Bulkex 09

such as coal thickeners or winches will also be on show. The Trasmital series is suitable for heavy industries such as mining.A Hi torque drive, which is a combination of Trasmital 319 planetary and HDO120 bevel helical is engineered for a

Bonfiglioli expand their Asia-Pacific operations

to major customers in the area, including those involved in cranes, primary processing, materials handling, marine, mining, mineral processing, manufacturing, water and waste water, cement and offshore oil development.These are markets in

Bonfiglioli Transmissionâ's initiatives for technically advanced heavy duty drives

and testing facilities to enhance response to customer needs for customised drives for heavy duty applications such as mining, quarries, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, materials handling and product processing.Bonfiglioli