Braemore’s new smelting process is a success

Braemore Resources has confirmed PGM production figures for the first period of operation for its 3.2MW smelter at the Mintek  facility. Since being commissioned last September, the enlarged Mintek smelter has produced 5,971 oz PGM and […]

Braemore Takes Another Leap to Smelting Platinum

Braemore Resources took the next step to establishing the first UG2 platinum smelter using ConRoast technology on the South African Bushveld, when it unveiled a 3.2MW "demonstration smelter" that will treat the platinum offtake of […]

Mintek, Braemore Achieve Important Milestones in Conroast Technology Development

Mintek and Braemore Resources plc are planning to double the throughput of the ConRoast smelter at Mintek, following seven months of successful continuous operation. Since October 2007, the DC arc furnace at Mintek has treated […]