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Australian tungsten producer Wolf Minerals says its British unit has stopped trading

Wolf Minerals said on Thursday that it could not meet its short-term working capital needs after failing to reach a deal with its financial backers.

Dyson moves ahead on $2.6 billion e-car plan with test track

Dyson Ltd., best known for its vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, is charging ahead with a 2-billion-pound effort to start building electric cars.

Electric London cabs spur reopening of UK aluminium plant

Norsk Hydro is reopening a British plant in Wales to supply material for the country's first electric vehicle factory.

French elections, Brexit and gold

The main developments in Europe which may affect the gold market – except the turmoil in the still fragile banking sector – are a run-off in France and Brexit. Let’s analyze them and their potential impact on the gold prices.

India’s Supreme Court won’t try forcing UK to return Kohinoor diamond

The court said it cannot interfere in the diplomatic process nor can it direct another country to not auction the gem.

Denmark's largest energy firm to ditch coal by 2023

Coal consumption had been cut by 73% since 2006, Dong Energy said, and its power stations would replace the fossil fuel with sustainable biomass.

Coal use in Europe on its way out — report

Coal generation in Europe is falling and will continue to do so due to competition from cleaner energy sources and governments efforts to cut emissions, a study by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) shows.

Brexit may hamper Britain’s plans to abandon coal

Expert says coal-fired generation may remain a key part of Britain's energy supply for longer than planned.

UK Royal Mint sees major gold rush in wake of interest rate cut

Transactions on the Mint’s bullion website increased by 25% during the first week of August and there was a 50% weekly jump in sales of gold bars and coins after August 4.

Marc Faber: Holding gold is a 'no brainer'

Brexit is a sideshow to the world economy, and gold remains an important asset in any portfolio, says Marc Faber, editor of the Gloom, Doom and Boom Report.

Brien Lundin: Brexit underlines currency debasement as the real driver behind gold price appreciation

The Brexit vote to leave the E.U. is bullish for gold as it creates uncertainty but the real driver for the long term gold price is currency devaluation, which is happening now globally at an unprecedented rate as most countries attempt to lessen the value of their debt.

How the Brexit vote will affect the markets

The consequences will likely include a soaring dollar and a falling euro, market volatility and a slide in the prices of some commodities, but Maund has identified ways investors can profit from the chaos.

UK Royal Mint sales up more than a third ahead of Brexit vote

Elevated demand has translated into a 150% increase in revenue for Britain's official producer of gold and silver coins and bars.

India says Kohinoor diamond belongs to Britain

The gem has been at the centre of a diplomatic row between India and the UK, with New Delhi arguing for decades that it should get it back.

Global coal imports heading for second year of ‘dramatic’ drops

The EIA says China and India are to blame, as imports from both nations — which from 2008 to 2013 accounted for 98% of the increase in world coal trade —are on their way down.

World coal consumption to drop up to 4% further by year-end

Use of coal for power generation peaked about two years ago, a new report suggests.

British potash mine to shed 220 jobs

Britain’s only potash mine is cutting hundreds of jobs and switching away from potash production in a further blow to industry in north-east England.

Last standing underground coal mine in the UK to close next month

The closure of Kellingley Colliery, Britain’s last deep coal mine, marks the end of a 300-year industry that once employed over a million workers.

End of an era for UK coal mining — last mines close up shop

It marks the end of a three-century industry that once employed over a million workers in the U.K.

Half the UK now open up for fracking

Special protection will be given to national parks, areas of outstanding natural beauty and world heritage sites, says the government.

Gold industry admits fix must be fixed

Debate focused on modernizing or replacing century-old pricing process.

Work starts at first British metals mine in 45 years

Drakelands mine seen creating 200 jobs.

UK lets China buy its nuclear power stations

UK's decision paves the way for China to take a stake in or own 100% of the country's new nuclear power stations.

UK coal industry plans for cheaper, reliable and sustainable power

Britain’s coal producers have tabled a five-point plan that they say “will give the nation’s electricity users cheaper, reliable and sustainable power supplies whilst safeguarding jobs, stimulating investment and reducing energy imports.”

Life at the coal face: Who are the UK's 21st Century miners?

"You get filthy and my nails have never been any good but I absolutely love being a miner." Stuart Foweather started at Cadeby Colliery in Doncaster in 1978 as a 16-year-old apprentice.