Continuous mining machine attracts interest from South African coal miners

International mining equipment manufacturer Bucyrus reports that its latest development, the 35M continuous miner, has attracted a lot of attention from South African colliery operators constantly on the lookout for machines that mine coal more cost effectively and efficiently. Read more

Polish plow exceeds coal production expectations and sets new record

The Innovation News article in the December issue looks at the lead Bucyrus (now Caterpillar) has in coal plows. One of the most recent installations was an automated plow longwall ordered by Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka for […]

Bucyrus releases the 25C – new and compact continuous miner

Weighing in at 61t, the new Bucyrus 25C continuous miner incorporates all the robust features of the 25M series plus new features and enhancements. Read more

Australian PM Tours Bucyrus

With only days until the Australian election, Prime Minister Julia Gillard toured a Bucyrus workshop in northern Queensland, reported the AP.

Bucyrus & Cliffs unveil America's first modern automated longwall plow system

Yesterday the Boards of Directors and senior management of Cliffs Natural Resources and Bucyrus International, world leader in plow technology, co-hosted an event to celebrate the delivery of the first modern automated plow system in the […]

Bucyrus reveals developments for underground and surface mining at QME

At the QME exhibition, the biennial Queensland Mining & Engineering exhibition held in Mackay, QLD, Australia from July 27 – 29, 2010, Bucyrus will exhibit its latest developments for underground and surface mining operations. In […]

Better coal mining – new trapping shoe cuts costs and extends service life on longwalls

As shearers move up and down the face, trapping shoes attach the shearer to the haulage rack system joined to the AFC. A new type of trapping shoe developed by Bucyrus offers numerous advantages over the conventional design, the company says, including longer service life, greater flexibility, faster replacement and greater safety and ease of [...]

Bucyrus Completes Acquisition of Terex Mining Business

Bucyrus International, Inc. (NASDAQ: BUCY), a world leader in the design and manufacture of mining equipment, announced today that it has completed its acquisition of the mining equipment business of Terex Corporation. The transaction will […]

China’s biggest coal mine goes diesel with Bucyrus CL10C compact loaders

Bucyrus has delivered five CL10C compact loaders to China Shenhua Energy Co for operation in the longwall mines managed by Shenhua Shenfu-Dongsheng Coal Co. The 10 t capacity loaders are the first electronically controlled diesel vehicles supplied to the Chinese underground coal mining industry. They are designed to raise loads to a height of 1 [...]

Bucyrus presents “the world’s most advanced electric rope shovel”

Bucyrus has introduced its next generation rope shovel - the Bucyrus 495HR2 (pronounced 495HR Super 2). This combines the company’s rope shovel technology and engineering innovation, producing what Bucyrus believes to be the world’s most advanced electric rope shovel. It includes innovations such as the HydraCrowdTM, LatchFreeTM dipper system, AC-IGBT electrics and enhanced propel power, [...]

Bucyrus closes $1.3B purchase of Terex mining

Bucyrus International Inc. said Friday it completed the purchase of Terex Corp.'s mining-equipment business for $1.3 billion in cash and stock….more at BusinessWeek

Bucyrus VFD controls improve performance of room & pillar mining equipment

Adding a variable frequency drive (VFD) to a compatible Bucyrus machine has a positive impact on the bottom line. Costly DC motors are replaced by more efficient brushless AC motors which require less maintenance and have a longer service life. A Un-A-Hauler® with VFD control transports more tonnes per shift. A VFD-equipped Vers-A-Trac® completes longwall moves [...]

Whitehaven buys 300-m Bucyrus longwall capable of retrofit to LTCC

Bucyrus will supply Whitehaven Coal's North Narrabri mine with a 300-meter longwall with a capacity of 8 million tonnes per year. A special feature of the 146 Bucyrus roof supports is that they can be retrofitted for Longwall Top Coal Caving (LTCC) at a later date.

Bucyrus Offers Dragline Move & Upgrade Services

Bucyrus featured the company’s offering of turn-key solutions for dragline relocations and refurbishments, highlighting the successful projects completed for Luminant Energy of Texas, USA.

Bucyrus delivers 50th ExPC – its ruggedised PC for use in explosion-hazard areas

The Bucyrus ExPC with state-of-the-art computer technology and a 19″ graphic display opens up a completely new dimension of data processing, recording and visualisation underground and in explosion-hazard areas. The first ExPC was delivered to Xi Shan in China in January 2003. The 50th was recently delivered to OKD’s CSM II mine. The ExPC collects data from [...]

Bucyrus Releases Q2 2009 Earnings

Bucyrus announces its summary of unaudited results for the quarter ended June 30, 2009.

Bucyrus Releases Q1 2009 Earnings

Bucyrus announces its summary of unaudited results for the quarter ended March 31, 2009.

Enhanced Operator’s Cab for 49HR Drill

Bucyrus, a leading innovator in the mining equipment industry, introduces an enhanced, state-of-the-art operator’s cab for the Bucyrus 49HR line of rotary blasthole drills.

Xstrata Mine Sets Records with Bucyrus Shearer

Newlands Northern underground mine – in the Bowen basin, Queensland, Australia – is the new record-holder for weekly and monthly production from longwall operations.

Bucyrus longwall for Bogdanka coal

Bucyrus has won a contract to deliver a complete, automated plow longwall to Polish mine operator Lubelski Wegiel Bogdanka SA for its Bogdanka coal mine in Puchaczów.

Bucyrus unveils new diesel-powered carrier

BUCYRUS has boosted its Vers-A-Trac 650 range of roof support carriers, releasing the diesel-powered VT650D for the US coal industry……more at International Longwall News

Deepak T. Kapur Elected to Board of Directors

Bucyrus International, Inc. (NASDAQ: BUCY) is pleased to announced that Deepak T. Kapur has been elected as a new Director to its Board of Directors.  The appointment becomes effective July 20, 2009 with Mr. Kapur […]

Bucyrus 49HR Drill with High Altitude Compressor

Bucyrus commissions a 49HR Rotary Blasthole Drill equipped with a 3800 CFM (107 CMM) air compressor at Collahuasi Copper Mine in Chile, South America.

Bucyrus Vers-A-Trac® 650 Best in Many Operations

The Bucyrus Vers-A-Trac® 650, the largest battery roof support carrier in the Vers-A-Trac® family, is one of the most powerful and versatile roof support carriers available on the market.

Bucyrus Takes State-Based Automation to New Level

Bucyrus provides automation that achieves optimal operation under all mining conditions by taking coal clearance and roof supports into account.