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Dominion says no contact with Washington Corp after $1.1bn takeover bid

The company has repeatedly offered to engage with Washington Corp on "customary terms," according to Chairman Jim Gowans, but that has not happened.

Dominion Diamond looks for potential buyers in own backyard — source

Strategy is part of Dominion's goal of securing the best deal possible for all its shareholders.

Dominion Diamond stock goes gangbuster on $1.1bn takeover bid

Montana-based Washington Co is offering 36% above the closing price of the Canadian miner’s shares on Friday.

Dominion Diamond, Ekati miners reach provisional four-year deal

More than 500 unionized workers are expected to ratify the agreement in an upcoming vote scheduled for March.

Dominion Diamond CEO to step down due to family reasons

Brendan Bell, who has also resigned to Dominion's board, has agreed to stay on as CEO until June 30 to ensure a smooth transition.

Canadian oil sands producers could fetch up to $15 more per barrel with this technology

The adoption of a“partial upgrading” technology could bring in hundreds of millions of dollars into Alberta's economy, a new study claims.

PetroChina wants to smoothly sail away from the oil sand business

The oil giant is “actively engaged” in talks to swap North American assets, mostly Canadian, with international oil companies.

Athabasca near closing $1.32 billion sale of Dover oil sands to PetroChina

But CEO Sveinung Svarte won’t publicly say when that date will arrive.

There can be “economic benefits” from oil spills — Kinder Morgan

Company claims comment was part of a requirement for the application to the National Energy Board.

Canada says whales no longer in danger as oil pipeline verdict looms

Despite objections from several groups, the Harper government declared over the weekend the humpback a "species of special concern" under the Species at Risk Act (SARA).

Enbridge's $5.5bn Northern Gateway to move oil by 2018

But the Calgary-based company acknowledges the path will be full of obstacles.

Enbridge’s oil lines in Alberta still shut after weekend spill

Major oil Canadian pipelines that move almost 1 million barrels per day (bpd) of Alberta oil sands crude, remained shut on Monday.

Study shows Calgary climbs to top of corporate ladder

A new Fraser Institute study shows when adjusted for population, Calgary in Alberta is by far the Canadian leader in the concentration of corporate headquarters, with 6.0 corporate head offices per 100,000 people in 2010, double that of Toronto. This concentration in the country's oil heartland is important because of the spin-off effects associated with corporate headquarters. Support professionals such as lawyers, consultants, and accountants tend to establish themselves near these headquarters and create a larger professional community, a greater concentration of knowledge, and easier access to high quality services for other companies nearby.