Canada Zinc Metals Mining News

The go-to junior for a tightening zinc market

There has been a solid but quiet performer in the commodities sector recently. Flying largely under most investors’ radar is zinc, up 3.9% in 2014.

TomaGold corporation awards DIAGNOS a contract to use its artificial intelligence technology to target gold and copper

DIAGNOS will assist Tomagold by using its CARDS (Computer Aided Resource Detection Software) technology, which makes it possible to identify the sites having the same signature as known mines and deposits.

Zinc, cobalt grabbing some ‘green’ traction

Zinc and cobalt often fall into that esoteric metals category called byproduct, meaning they are generally an afterthought for miners who are keen at getting at, say, nickel or copper deposits. Still, both metals are being increasingly targeted for their use in growing markets, such as rechargeable batteries for electric cars.