Carbon Capture and Storage Mining News

New powder could help cut CO2 emissions

The new material is an advanced carbon powder, it can be manipulated during manufacture to maximize the absorption of carbon dioxide.

Global warming a reality we are responsible for: UN

The landmark report is likely to rekindle debate over the fossil fuels powering the world’s economies.

Dinosaur intestinal gases possible cause of Prehistoric global warming

Forget about carbon emissions and greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitted by humans. Sauropods — the long-necked, long-tailed dinosaurs that included some of the largest terrestrial animals ever known— could have been the first to warm the Earth's climate thanks to their massive amounts of methane-producing flatulence, says Tuesday's edition of Current Biology.

Australian coal booming despite impending carbon tax

The impending carbon price has done nothing to deter investment in the coal industry, with spending on exploration surging faster than any other mineral commodity.

Clean carbon technology benefits better grasped in the Prairies than rest of Canada

Public awareness and acceptance of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) as a tool to combat climate change is higher in Saskatchewan and Alberta than the rest of Canada, concludes a nation-wide survey released today by IPAC-CO2 Research Inc.