Caterpillar Mining News

Caterpillar sees a trend to larger truck sizes

Automation in mining trucks continues apace with safety being a key driver for adoption.

Caterpillar posts strong results despite poor mining sales

The equipment maker beat analysts' expectations and the stock is skyrocketing in premarket trading.

Caterpillar global sales down 10% in September

The equipment maker is scheduled to report third-quarter earnings Thursday.

Gold prices hurting miners? Throw Ebola into the mix

Deutsche Bank warned Friday that gold producers are the most vulnerable to a further spread of the deadly disease.

Cat dealer sales fall 10 pct

Resource industry sales were awful.

How do weak mining numbers and low capital expenditure impact Caterpillar

Demand for Caterpillar's construction equipment and machinery has been slipping globally since the last quarter of the 2012 fiscal year.

Guinea on national emergency over Ebola, mining operations threatened

Tighter border controls are set to disrupt the flow of essential supplies and even workers trying to get to work at the African country's mining operations, companies say.

West Africa Ebola outbreak forces miners to lock down operations, delay projects

After the WHO declared the current outbreak an “international public health emergency.”

Caterpillar to buy $2.5 billion of its own stock

The total of this year's stock repurchases is $4.2 billion.

Caterpillar profit beats estimates but sales fall

Construction, not mining lifts the machinery giant's second-quarter results.

GE leads Caterpillar in locomotive race

Firms competing to offer engines that comply with tougher U.S. emissions rules.

Caterpillar mining sales slump, stock still performs

Miner spending cuts hitting maker hard.

Caterpillar faces at least 15 fresh lawsuits

Over alleged flaws in engines for school buses the firm sold between 2006 and 2010.

A bull in a china shop can be dangerous; this excavator isn’t

Watch a CAT mini excavator go though extremely narrow aisles of a store packed with $40,000 worth of valuable glassware.

The man responsible for integrating Caterpillar's and Bucyrus's parts divisions

"We really acquired 10 different product lines and many different companies."

How miners buy into technology

Cultural acceptance.

CAT proves new B15 smartphone resilience by running it over with heavy machinery

While average in terms of capacity and other features, users surely won’t buy it for the specs, but for what Cat shows in this video.

iPads used like fridge magnets to build big trucks

Climbing up and down 797s all day can chew up time on the assembly line.

Construction, not mining lifts Caterpillar’s profit

The world’s largest maker of heavy machinery posted a 5% increase in quarterly profit, beating analysts’ estimates.

Caterpillar to sell its Rantigny plant in France

Over the past year, Caterpillar has closed or announced plans to shutter several plants in the US, Canada and Europe.

VIDEO: A really big game of Jenga played with Cat machines

Don't topple the structure.

Caterpillar sees 'some signs of improvement' but expects mining companies to further reduce costs in 2014

Expects sales and revenues to be similar to 2013 as sales to the resource industry decline modestly.

Using natural gas to mine for oil sands – a strategy by Shell and Caterpillar

The companies have signed an agreement to test a new truck engine which would run on liquefied natural gas rather than diesel.

Suppliers Metso, Sandvik still hurting from slowdown

Metso's Q3 mining and construction orders fell 19%. Sandvik's net profit fell 22%.