Centerra Gold Mining News

Centerra down 5% on Kumtor environmental delays

Kyrgyz environmental agency given another three months to evaluate Canadian firm's annual plan for massive gold mine before extending permits.

Stans Energy kicks off fresh legal actions over Kyrgyzstan's $118 million pending payment

The Canadian rare earths junior is appealing a Moscow court decision of Moscow City Arbitrazh Court of not allowing it to obtain a sum related to the loss of its Kutessay II mine.

Kyrgyzstan names new PM to settle issue with Centerra over Kumtor mine

Temir Sariyev, a 51-year-old economist, said before Thursday's vote in parliament that resolving the Kumtor issue would be among his priorities.

Kyrgyz minister stepping down over failure to settle Kumtor mine issues

Prime Minister Joomart Otorbaev resigned after hours of heated debate in parliament over the government’s performance last year.

Kyrgyzstan aborts plans to grab Centerra’s Kumtor mine, but wants more say

A long-discussed 50/50 joint venture with Centerra doesn't seem to be in Kyrgyzstan's plans any longer.

Kyrgyz prime minister says 50/50 joint venture with Centerra Gold may not be in country's interests

According to Centerra Gold, the prime minister also said that nationalization of the Kumtor mine is not a viable alternative and there should be changes to the composition of Centerra’s Board of Directors.

Mongolia text poll impact: Dust off your exploration plans

Mongolia may give up government shareholding in mining projects altogether.

Centerra a step closer to moving gold project in Mongolia forward

The country’s parliament has designated its Gatsuurt Project as strategically important, paving the way for Centerra's application for the necessary approvals.

Court orders Centerra to halt trade of shares owned by Kyrgyz gov't

The injunction was sought by Stans Energy.

Avalanche kills Centerra Gold’s Kumtor mine worker

Another person in serious conditions.

Centerra Gold won’t shut down Kumtor mine, plan approved

The government of Kyrgyzstan has approved Centerra's mine plan for 2014, after the company threatened to shut operations at the country's largest gold deposit.

Centerra to shut Kumtor gold mine if doesn't get permits

Despite apparently having made peace in February, Centerra and the the government of Kyrgyzstan have locked horns over the future of Kumtor mine.

Centerra digesting law prohibiting activities which affect glaciers

Damage to glaciers must be compensated.

Centerra Gold 4Q highlights

Centerra Gold was up 4.38% to $5.01

Big win for Centerra: Kyrgyzstan’s Parliament approves Kumtor joint venture

But the company warns the resolution also calls for further audits of the Kumtor operation and continue pursuing claims for environmental and economic damages, which Centerra disputes.

Centerra Gold’s mine lifted Kyrgyzstan GDP in 2013

Without taking Centerra's Kumtor mine into account, the nation’s GDP would have grown about 50% less.

Canadian miners among the most hurt in 2013

New mining listings in the Toronto Stock Exchange and its junior counterpart, the TSX-V, continue to dive.

Centerra and Kyrgyzstan reach agreement on Kumtor

Christmas miracle.

Centerra Gold asked to pay over $300m Kyrgyzstan for alleged ecological damage

The country's environmental protection and forestry has filed a lawsuit against the Canadian gold miner.

Kyrgyz officials risk corruption charges over Centerra’s Kumtor mine

Three former ministers have already been charged with corruption.

Kyrgyz parliament rejects mining deal with Centerra Gold

Kyrgyz lawmakers said the government must agree on a new deal with Centerra by December 23 to raise the country's ownership to 67%.

Hundreds attack Aussie miner offices in Kyrgyzstan

Group opposes letting foreigners mine Kyrgyzstan’s resources.

Opponents to Centerra’s Kumtor gold mine in Kyrgyzstan take governor hostage

He was held in a car for about seven hours, while growing rumours said he had been drenched in gasoline and was being threatened with matches.

Centerra Gold, Kyrgyz government approach agreement on Kumtor mine

Parties reached agreement that would allow Kyrgyzstan to hold a 50% stake in a joint venture that would own Kumtor.

Centerra Gold in the home stretch of negotiations with Kyrgyzstan over Kumtor

Talks could end in a joint venture between the parties, which will be the owner of the debated gold mine.