Central African Republic Mining News

De Beers readies technology aimed at eliminating ‘conflict diamonds’

Firm is developing open platform that traces diamonds from mine to buyer.

De Beers steps up efforts to remove ‘conflict diamonds’ from the market

Diamond giant is investing in an open platform that will allow tracing a rock throughout the entire value chain — from mine to buyer.

UN troops to tackle violence at Central African Republic diamond mining hub

Only last year CAR was allowed to resume diamond exports after a three-year ban that tried preventing armed groups from financing a bloody inter-religious conflict.

Cameroon involved in Central African 'conflict diamonds' trade — report

Cameroon is allowing conflict diamonds from the Central African Republic to cross over its borders and into the legal supply chain due to poor controls, smuggling and corruption, a new report shows.

Kimberley Process chairman wants UN involvement in supervising global diamond trade

Ahmed bin Sulayem says a well-structured permanent body able to take over the work currently done by volunteers is urgently needed.

Diamond exports ban lifted from Central African Republic

Decision comes three years after the country’s gems were found to be funding armed groups in an inter-religious conflict and placed under embargo.

Blood diamonds still at Central African mining sector’s heart

A year after an export ban on raw gems in the country, reports show its diamonds are being sold to traders from Sudan to Belgium.

Gold mine collapse in Central African Republic kills 37

The mine is owned by Canadian Axmin, but was taken over by rebels over a year ago.

'Blood diamond' monitoring to remain focus on conflict-torn regions

The newly elected president of the World Diamond Council is not in favour of expanding the scope of the Kimberley Process scheme beyond conflict zones.

Diamond dealers under threat in Central African Republic

Rough diamonds are one of the country's biggest exports.

37 dead in gold mine collapse

Numbers are provisional and many more are injured.

Central African Republic banned from international diamonds trade — watchdog

Ban comes several weeks after rebels seized control of the country from former President François Bozizé.

Kimberley Process may ban diamond exports from Central African Republic

International certification body may suspend country for non-compliance.