Chevron Mining News

Oil majors near inflection point as spending rises

Industry leaders now appear to be positive that growth can be achieved after several difficult years.

Canada’s Supreme Court lets Ecuador villagers sue Chevron for $9.5bn

The decision could set a precedent for similar cases involving mining companies around the world.

Russia is getting queasy about Ukraine's shale plans

Ukraine has two major shale gas production deals with Chevron and Shell.

Texas town evacuated following pipeline explosion

The accident occurred when a construction crew accidentally drilled into a 10-inch liquefied petroleum gas line.

Thousands rally in Romania against Chevron, Gabriel Resources

World-wide protests against shale gas continue.

Chevron's assets embargoed after $19 billion fine

An Argentine court has ordered to embargo Chevron assets in the South American country to help enforcing an Ecuadorean court resolution that fined the oil and natural gas giant for $19 billion in environmental damages.

Chevron suspended in Brazil over oil spill

Brazil has temporarily banned Chevron from drilling in the country after it caused an oil spill off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, raising doubts about the company’s role in one of the industry’s biggest investment programmes. Late on Wednesday, Brazil’s National Petroleum Agency (ANP) accused the U.S. company of negligence late on Wednesday, announcing it would suspend all of Chevron’s drilling until it clarified the reasons for a spill that released almost 3,000 barrels of oil into the sea earlier this month. Analysts believe that the Brazilian government is keen to make an example of Chevron as a warning to other foreign companies looking to take a share of Brazil’s pre-salt reserves, which are estimated to contain as much as 50bn barrels of oil.

The Challenges and Potential of Canada’s Oil Sands

Once considered too expensive and damaging to the land, exploitation of Canada’s oil sands is now a venture worth billions. The country has proven oil reserves of more than 170 billion barrels—second only to those in Saudi Arabia. Much […]