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Canada on the brink of becoming a major iron ore producer

Financial Post mining writer Peter Koven discusses why a perfect storm of factors has conspired to make Canada the next great producer of iron ore — with help from the world's largest customer of raw materials — China.

Hong Kong lures miners

Eric Lam, writing in The Financial Post, reports on junior companies that are tapping a rich vein of investor interest in Hong Kong and China. So much so that some are considering listing on the Hong […]

China’s war chest could dissuade other bidders for Kalahari Minerals

China's move on Kalahari Minerals could flush out other bidders for the uranium miner but even long-term suitor Rio Tinto may balk at getting into a bidding war with such a formidable foe.

American Manganese to benefit in a world where steel majors scramble to secure raw materials

Manganese demand is closely tied to the global steel market. While there are questions about what 2011 will offer, in terms of steel demand, especially as China appears to be cooling off, there are other stories out there talking about India’s rampant appetite for raw materials for steel production in the face of rising prices.

IAMGOLD signs memorandum of understanding with China Gold

IAMGOLD Corporation signed a memorandum of understanding on Monday with China National Gold Group Corporation to cooperate in the development of mineral deposits. "This agreement marks the beginning of what we believe will be a […]

China has reassessed approach to deals in Australia – Australian Resources Minister

Chinese companies wanting to invest in Australian resource firms have reassessed how they approach deals, and tensions over the last few years have evaporated, Australian Resources Minister Martin Ferguson said on Wednesday.

Top Chinese copper producer sees rising metal prices this year

Jiangxi Copper, China's top copper producer, sees copper prices rising this year as supply remains tight and demand continues to increase.

Top Chinese copper producer sees rising metal prices this year

China's top copper producer Jiangxi Copper (0358.HK) (600362.SS) expects domestic copper prices to rise this year, mainly due to a supply squeeze, its chairman said on Saturday.

Industry leader calls for consolidation of China's rare earth industry

The head of China's largest metals trader has called for government efforts to consolidate the rare earth industry and nurture competitive domestic firms in the sector. Zhou Zhongshu, president of China Minmetals, said that the difficulties facing China's rare earth industry mainly come from the fact that local authorities, owners of rare earth mines, tend to issue mining licenses to local firms.

Massive gold demand continues to break records in China

The latest reports out of China put consumer gold demand in the first 2 months of the current year at a phenomenal 200 tonnes - and buying momentum is still continuing.

Australia hoped to limit Chinese resources investments – Wikileaks

According to U.S. embassy cables released on Wikileaks, Australia's changes to foreign investment rules in 2009 were aimed at limiting Chinese investments in local mining companies.

Canada eclipsed China in mining M&A: PwC report

China may have dominated mining news headlines over the past year, but it is a small player when it comes to mergers and acquisitions, according to a report released today from PwC. The Mining Deals report states that in 2010, just 6% of global mining involved purchases by Chinese companies, compared to 36% from companies domiciled in Canada, 16% in the US and 16% in Australia. The numbers appear to dispel the myth that China is amassing control of the world's resources by merging and acquiring firms into its orbit.

Australia still world's no. 2 gold producer

Australia produced 266 tonnes of gold in 2010, up 17% on 2009 but not enough to secure it first place as China's output grew to 341 tonnes in the same period. Australia maintained its number two ranking in gold output behind China in 2010

Making use of methane: Methane recovery technology by Australia-based Industrea is getting a lot of attention in China

In October 2010 the Chinese government shut down 1,611 illegal coal mines in an effort to improve an industry whose working conditions have been described as harsh, dangerous, and often fatal. Last year in China more than 2,600 people died in mining-related accidents, including explosions, floodings and cave-ins, although fatalities have decreased in recent years due to increased safety inspections and the government shuttering illegal mines.

The China Factor: Robust demand for thermal coal

In this series of short articles I present a few of my notes and observations on thermal coal, uranium, vanadium, molybdenum, copper and gold — commodities that were discussed at Roundup 2011 technical exploration conference in […]

China seeks to reduce heavy metals pollution

China's environmental protection agency has vowed to curb heavy metal pollution in a bid to cut widespread industrial contaminants like lead that have poisoned children and sparked protests.

Follow the money: how to profit from copper's next wave

Investing in copper might be the simplest way to profit from the ongoing global urbanization.

Bottleneck or supply deficit?

There have been numerous reports of bullion shortages in many parts around the world, along with rising premiums. And the two explanations – we’re running out of gold! and, it’s just a manufacturing bottleneck – are at odds with one another. So, who’s right?

How much more demand can silver handle?

The numbers for silver demand are starting to make some market-watchers nervous.

China to launch rare earth regulatory body

While Beijing has already implemented a quota system for rare earths, the country is set to launch an industry association that will monitor exports and ensure a rare earth reserve system.

Israel Chemicals to supply 500,000 tons of potash to China

ICL says a new potash contract further strengthens the Israeli company's presence in the growing Chinese market.

Cazenove’s Griffiths weighs in on gold, silver markets, mining M&A

Robin Griffiths, Cazenove Capital Management's well-regarded private wealth strategist, speaks to King World News on the demise of the long bull-run in the bond market, the direction of gold, M&A in the gold mining sector and the gold/silver ratio — what it means for the price of silver.

Monetary inflation and supply concerns drive commodities more so than demand

The mainstream press loves to talk about emerging market demand as a cause of inflation, rising prices and the bull market in commodities.

Japan to invest billions in Africa to compete with China

Japan is keen to invest "billions of dollars" in minerals and infrastructure in Africa, trying to catch up to regional rival China for influence on the continent, a Japanese trade official said on Tuesday.

Silvercorp's net income up 140% to 29.7 million in Q3

Silvercorp Metals Inc. reported that net income was up 140% to $29.7 million or 18 cents a share. The company released its third quarter results for the period ending December 31, 2010. According to the […]