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Does it make a difference if a Central Bank buys local production or on the international market?

Hu's on first but what's on second?

Jittery investors sold in earnest this week on speculation that China is going on some kind of austerity kick, destined no doubt to wreak havoc on the civilized world.

China to continue and update 2011 rare earths quotas-Commerce Ministry

Chinese officials say the country will continue with rare earth exports and are still pondering 2011 rare earth export quotas, but promise a timely decision.

China's inflation problem looms large

The global economy has become so unbalanced that even government ministers who would normally have trouble explaining supply or demand clearly recognize that something has to give.

The two faces of China's giant coal industry

Ordos, Mongolia is home to the world's most efficient mine and one of China's biggest carbon capture and storage projects. Chinese miners and scientists are ramping up production and finding new ways to burn and bury carbon, as The Guardian newspaper reports.  Click here to watch the video:

Gold Forecaster – The U.S. & China going in opposite directions

China is in the midst of a ‘State visit’ to the U.S. but this time China will get a state banquet.   This implies a changed attitude to China by the U.S.  

China’s nuclear reprocessing breakthrough may greatly reduce future uranium imports

(Editor's note: This story was originally published on Jan. 11, 2011) China's pilot nuclear reprocessing project could extend the life of the nation's domestic uranium reserves by thousands of years if it becomes commercially viable, […]

Toyota tries to pull the plug on rare earths

ETFdb reports that Toyota may find substitute for some of the rare earths it consumes: Toyota is sinking vast sums into research and development of new technologies which seek to limit the needs for rare […]

QE2 and its Consequences

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announced on November 3, 2010 that it would purchase longer-term Treasury securities at a pace of $75 billion dollars per month through the Federal Reserve’s Permanent Open Market Operations (POMO) facility by the end of the second quarter 2011 and potentially beyond.

2011 financial meltdown fast approaching

Despite the best efforts by the American mainstream financial media, the eager PR division of the United States Dollar Ponzi Scheme, to paint the rosiest of rosy pictures for blindly optimistic readers, the stubborn image of a debt-swollen jobless behemoth economy slowly toppling persists.

Gold, fundamentally

During the last decade, gold has emerged, once again, as a global currency and as an alternative to paper assets and paper currencies. While bond dealers and stock brokers continue to persuade clients to invest in equities and financials, the benefits of owning gold are totally ignored.

We’ll save our copper smelting project, says China’s Xinjiang Xinxin

Xinjiang Xinxin to pull out all the stops to meet environmental regulations and get government go-ahead to build copper smelter.

China's Zijin Mining 2010 profits up by 40%

Rise in net profit due to price hike in gold and base metals prices, along with increased copper and zinc production.

Sean Rakhimov: Silver Going Mainstream in 2011

Never mind the correction in the price of silver, says Silver Strategies Editor Sean Rakhimov; better things are ahead. "It may be volatile; it may be steep; but it should be short-lived," he says, adding that he expects silver to rise well above its 2010 high at some point in 2011. Some of that price support could come from governments entering the silver market. Find out all the reasons for this and read about some of Sean's favorite silver plays in this exclusive interview with The Gold Report.

Thinking about China as big changes seen coming in gold, silver markets

As relief courses through the Eurozone government bond markets at the success of Portugal’s, Spain’s and Italy’s government bond auction, the sharp edge of the crisis appears to go away, for now at least.

Surplus predicted for nickel in 2011 – Sumitomo

A number of analysts are now predicting a nickel surplus this year as Chinese stainless steel growth slows and new nickel mine projects come on stream.

Chinese Experts to Study High-Tech Solutions for Coal Mine Safety in 12-Month Pilot at NYU-Poly

Kansas City Business Journal reports: With China's accelerating economy heavily dependent on coal, mine safety has emerged as a national priority. Moving to embrace high-tech solutions to improve its record, 15 Chinese scientists and engineers this […]

Norway's Orkla rumoured to sell Elkem metals unit to China's BlueStar

Deal delayed to allow time for dust to settle after Nobel Peace Prize controversy, says Norwegian newspaper Dagens Naeringsliv.

Record gold output could put 2010 China consumption at 600 tonnes

Chinese 2010 gold output is estimated by government sources at around 340 tonnes for 2010, a new record, suggesting the country's total consumption may have reached close to 600 tonnes. China, already the world's largest gold producer, looks to have

Germany asks China to reconsider rare earth restrictions

China's rare earths policies were a topic of discussion during the Chinese Vice Premier's trip to Germany, the German minister's spokesperson said. German Economy Minister Rainer Bruederle has asked Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang to reconsider planned

Japan's trade minister wants to talk rare earths with China

Akihiro Ohata, the country's minister for trade said Wednesday he would like to visit China as soon as possible to discuss the secure supply of rare earths into Japan Japan's trade minister, Akihiro Ohata, said on Wednesday he would like to visit China

Rio Tinto strengthens its position in China

“Rio Tinto and Chinalco today signed a non binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a landmark exploration joint venture (JV) in China. The JV will explore mainland China for world-class mineral deposits and is […]

CHINA MINING Congress & Expo 2010: Global Mining Talks on Co-operation, Responsibility & Development

CHINA MINING Congress & Expo 2010 hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Land & Resources and the Tianjin Municipal Government, will be held at the Meijiang Exhibition and Convention Center in Tianjin Downtown on Novemeber […]

Is Your Mine Site Overdue for a Safety Check-Up?

It will be no surprise to anyone reading this that ‘09 was a tough year for many businesses. Companies cut budgets, lost personnel and put many projects on hold, and these decisions have impacted successful safety processes. The year so […]

The Golden Decade

As gold hovers near $1,200 an ounce and pundits speculate about a "gold bubble," it is important for investors to remember that a mere decade ago the picture was very different.  In the year 2000, […]