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Clive Palmer and the nickel refinery collapse that wasn't

Clive Palmer could walk away from the administration linked to his Queensland Nickel refinery without losing the assets and leave creditors out in the cold.

Aussie mining tycoon Palmer promises ‘truth’ on massive job cuts at his nickel refinery

He said he would open up after a creditors meeting next week in Townsville, where his his Queensland Nickel company is based.

Australia kills unpopular mining tax

The decision is considered a key political victory for Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Aussie billionaire Clive Palmer’s massive coal mine approved

Environmentalists argue the approval will see 3 million tonnes of dredge spoil will be dumped in the Great Barrier Reef.

Look out Hollywood, here comes Clive Palmer

Palmer says he's registered a production company to film Titanic II's maiden voyage.

When $6 billion is not enough: Australian mining billionaire to sue newspaper for $50 million

Australian mining billionaire Clive Palmer is threating to sue the Sydney Morning Herald, one of the most respected daily newspapers in Down Under, for $50 million over "totally false and improper claims" about his China First coal mine.

Australian mining magnate sues the Government for carbon tax

Australian mining tycoon Clive Palmer will be mounting a High Court challenge against the Government's carbon tax, he told ABC News’ 7.30 Report.