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Arch invests in technologies to improve coal use and cut emissions

Arch Coal plans to invest $3.0 million in ADA to fund near-term growth opportunities. ADA has been successful at developing technologies that improve the performance of coals from Wyoming’s Powder River Basin (PRB). In addition to flue gas conditioning chemicals used to aid in the collection of ash from PRB coals, it also developed a [...]

Sustainable development of coal seam gas projects

Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM), an engineering and project delivery firm, says an upfront investment in environmentally and socially sensitive design is likely to pay dividends for the coal seam gas (CSG) sector. SKM: “CSG is an important growth industry for Australia and Asia, particularly China, India, and Indonesia. It has the potential to underpin significant [...]

Coal Handling Reclaiming : The mobile hopper solution

Telestack Limited continue to excel in providing innovative mobile coal handling solutions to its worldwide customer base. Telestack mobile materials handling systems are built to last, combining strength with the highest quality components available on […]

Fletcher Beam Setter increases slope development safety in coal mines

After hearing a request from a safety-conscious customer, the Engineering Department at J. H. Fletcher & Co. has developed a machine that dramatically increases worker safety during mine slope beam installations. It eliminates much of the need for heavy lifting and awkward reaching that can result in injury. In the past, workers hefted large beam [...]

Emerging Markets on Buying Spree

It’s getting to be common news for a Chinese company (usually with links to the government) to buy a foreign commodities producer to secure supplies of coal, oil, iron ore and other assets to fulfill […]

Treating acid mine drainage from past coal mining activities

Skelly and Loy has designed and permitted the first acid mine drainage (AMD) treatment system in the Blacklegs Creek Watershed in southern Indiana County. It is designed to reduce iron and acidity loading of the Kolb discharges and consists of a wet seal to capture the underground mine discharge, piping network, innovative aeration system and [...]

Largest mining motor in the world on Joy AFC for Xstrata Coal in Australia

ATB Morley says the 11 kV motor it recently supplied to Xstrata Coal “is the very first of its kind; historically most large electrical motors supplied for underground coal mining have been manufactured suitable for a maximum voltage of 3,300 V. [This] motor weighing in at 10 t currently stands as the largest underground mining [...]

Coal shipments restart at Australia's Dalrymple terminal

The terminal was closed last week ahead of a cyclone hitting the eastern coast of the country

Emerging Markets on Buying Spree

It’s getting to be common news for a Chinese company (usually with links to the government) to buy a foreign commodities producer to secure supplies of coal, oil, iron ore and other assets to fulfill the country’s ambitious growth plans. China is not alone on this shopping spree. We came across some new data, for example, that shows a clear trend of emerging-market countries increasing their ownership stakes of companies in the developed world. This is yet another indicator of the shifting balance in global wealth from the developed toward the emerging economies. China, the Middle East and India led a rebound in the number of emerging-market entities acquiring developed-world companies (E2D), according to KPMG’s Emerging Markets International Acquisition Tracker (EMIAT). EMIAT showed that 102 E2D transactions were completed in the second half of 2009, compared to 78 such deals in the first six months of the year. The chart above shows the trend for both E2D deals and developed-market companies buying assets in emerging nations (D2E), which have trailed off since the start of the Great Recession. A little more detail on the EMIAT: it covers 12 developed economies and 11 select emerging economies, and for a deal to count, the buyer must buy at least 10 percent of the overseas company. In 2009, Chinese companies made 50 acquisitions in the developed markets (which include Hong Kong), the highest number since EMIAT began in 2003. There were 86 deals going in the opposite direction, the lowest figure recorded by KPMG. China’s outbound deals last year included Sinopec’s purchase of Addax Petroleum for $7.3 billion, Yanzhou Coal’s $2.9 billion deal for Felix Resources and PetroChina’s outlay of $1.7 billion for a stake in Athabasca, the Canadian oil sands producer. PriceWaterhouseCoopers estimates that China’s overseas deals may grow 40 percent this year – already its national oil company is aiming to buy half of a major producer in Argentina for some $3 billion, and it has its eye on a number of other targets. For India, last year’s numbers were 25 and 73, respectively. India is the leading E2D dealmaker since 2003, with more than 400 completed transactions. Brazil was a laggard in this trend in 2009: just two E2D deals and 20 D2E deals. KPMG says it noticed an especially strong trend involving commodity and other resource-related acquisitions in the second half of 2009. It also predicted that oil-fueled Middle East sovereign wealth funds (Abu Dhabi’s alone is estimated at $600+ billion) will soon get busier.  Once this occurs, KPMG says, expect the spread between D2E and E2D to narrow dramatically. The major emerging markets are growing much faster than the developed markets.  Companies in these developing countries have used this leverage to build a stronger supply chain of natural resources that will allow them to maintain this brisk pace when the competition for scarce resources heats up. This is just one of the ways that China and other emerging markets are tilting the global economy so more of the world’s wealth flows their way. By clicking on the link, you will be directed to the KPMG website. U.S. Global Investors does not endorse all the information supplied by this website and is not responsible for its content. All opinions expressed and data provided are subject to change without notice. Some of these opinions may not be appropriate to every investor. The following securities mentioned in this commentary were held by one or more of U.S. Global Investors’ clients as of 12-31-09: Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd., PetroChina Co. Ltd.

Industry to mark regulation anniversary

International Longwall News reports that THE US Department of Labor has invited the entire mining community to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969 next week in […]

China’s biggest coal mine goes diesel with Bucyrus CL10C compact loaders

Bucyrus has delivered five CL10C compact loaders to China Shenhua Energy Co for operation in the longwall mines managed by Shenhua Shenfu-Dongsheng Coal Co. The 10 t capacity loaders are the first electronically controlled diesel vehicles supplied to the Chinese underground coal mining industry. They are designed to raise loads to a height of 1 [...]

Rio Tinto says India will match China's demand for key commodities soon

Australian News.Net Tuesday 16th March, 2010 Global miner Rio Tinto has predicted that while China's demand for iron ore, copper, coal and aluminium will grow during the next 15 years, India will soon take the lead for further demand.

SME 2010 a hit for many

International Longwall News reports that with the SME 2010 Conference and Exhibition in Phoenix, Arizona, over for another year, several coal suppliers have hailed the event a success with a great turnout. International Longwall News […]

Next step for Duralie Extension project

International Longwall News reports that GLOUCESTER Coal aims to receive federal government approval of its Duralie Extension project, to lift the open cut mine’s production to 3 million tonnes of run-of-mine coal per annum and […]

MSHA, U.S. Attorney Pursue Scofflaw Mine Operators

Coal Age reports that the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) announced, on behalf of the secretary of labor, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Kentucky has filed a complaint with the U.S. District Court for […]

Converting low rank coal/lignite into valuable commodities

A pilot plant to prove that the underground coal to liquids (UCTLTM) process can convert low rank brown coal/lignite into valuable commodities is set to be commissioned this month. Owner of the plant, Regal Resources’ first focus of the testing program will be on placing samples within the test vessel and exposing them to the [...]

IZ-KARTEKS ships shovel to Mongolian mine

IZ-KARTEKS, part of the OMZ Group, has manufactured and shipped an EKG-10 shovel equipped with a 13m3 bucket to Baganuur, the largest coal strip mine in Mongolia

EPA Makes Announcement on Two Proposed Mountaintop Mines

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced what it called “a path forward” on permits for two mountaintop coal mining operations in West Virginia during early January….more at Coal Age

Getting methane monitoring right

As reported by International Longwall News – A NEW methane monitoring system has opened up many opportunities for underground coal mines to effectively and profitably use methane typically released harmfully into the atmosphere…International Longwall News

New tool opens gate to collision avoidance

As reported by International Longwall News – AN online mine safety tool that could help reduce the number of collision incidents in underground coal mines is being developed……International Longwall News

The fortunes of iron ore and its many good bedmates

The broad, heavy, heave continues towards integrated steelmakers, and upstream to iron ore, coking coal, manganese, nickel, and even molybdenum and cobalt.

Australian coal projects threaten agricultural land

Farmers say planned mines could damage water aquifiers that sustain the Gunnedah Basin

Automated gas detector management with iNet

As reported by International Longwall News – AS evidenced just this week at Patriot Coal’s Federal operation in West Virginia, gas issues remain a primary concern for the coal industry. Industrial Scientific discussed gas-monitoring solutions […]

Bucyrus boosts earnings

BUCYRUS has increased net earnings 24% year-on-year in 2009 to $US313 million despite the global financial crisis, while the major OEM is expecting more weakness in the US coal industry, along with higher coking coal […]

Officials working to contain Kentucky slurry spill

DETAILS are still coming in after a coal slurry spill at a Massey Energy complex in Kentucky on Tuesday…..more at International Longwall News