Avalon banks on new ‘blood metals’ rule for Canada’s tin mine success

Cecilia Jamasmie | June 30, 2015
Avalon banks on new ‘blood metals’ rule for Canada’s tin mine success

The miner is spending $1.3 million in exploration work aimed to reopen a historic tin-indium mine in Nova Scotia.

Dodd-Frank: Five years and $1.5 trillion later

Oxfam America | July 15, 2015

In the five years since the Dodd-Frank Act passed, oil produced in developing countries was worth an estimated $1.55 trillion for those governments. But because the landmark US transparency law remains delayed, any payments that flowed to governments took place with limited or no transparency.

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INFOGRAPHIC – Crisis investing: How 14 asset classes performed in times of distress

Visual Capitalist | July 8, 2015
financial crisis 333

Today's infographic compares how 14 different asset classes have performed during the last five crises.

Stansberry's Matt Badiali shares his guide to avoiding pitfalls in the climb to resource investing heights

The Gold Report | July 7, 2015
Vancouver explorer rockets on Nevada gold drilling results

Successful resource investors have to make their way past a lot of money pits before they find a stock that will make it to the top.

When it comes to conflict mining regulation, should one size fit all?

Sonal Sinha | July 1, 2015
American businessmen accused of using fake gold mine to get $1m from investors

Conflict mining remains an important issue, and one we are beginning to see governments step in to address in different ways.

The bugs that boost leaching

CSIRO | June 19, 2015

Bacteria, those microscopic organisms, are among the unlikely heroes for researchers and mining companies working to establish economic methods to access difficult to extract or low value ores.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Every Chinese overseas investment over $100m visualized

Visual Capitalist | June 17, 2015
China's stake in rare earths market shrinking

Showing over 1,250 attempted transactions, this list includes both successful and failed attempts in order to visualize the ebb and flow of Chinese investments up until mid-2014.

Europe closes in on conflict minerals

DRC copper uncertainty

An annual list that reveals the names of mineral smelters that do not use raw materials linked with criminal gangs is at the heart of Europe’s push to clean up the world’s mining industry.

CFSI enables companies to comply with new EU Conflict Minerals rules


Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative Expands Geographic Scope, Adopts Risk-Based Approach

Tesla Storage announcement is another piece of the puzzle in renewable energy hybrid markets

THEnergy observes increasing interest in storage solutions from industrial off-grid end-customers and project developers.

EU lawmakers surprise with vote on ‘blood metals’ ban

Cecilia Jamasmie | May 20, 2015
EU lawmakers surprise with vote on ‘blood metals’ ban

The main objective of the legislation is to ensure that profits from those so-called “blood metals” — tungsten, tin, tantalum and gold — do not go to African warlords.

Europe set to adopt voluntary conflict mineral law

Frik Els | May 18, 2015
Europe set to adopt own conflict mineral law

Providing proof of origin of tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold near conflict zones voluntary under law to be adopted this week.

Satellite images show Tesla's Gigafactory ambitions

Satellite images show Tesla's Gigafactory ambitions

Tesla will need to purchase at least 7,000 tonnes of spherical graphite, 5,000 tonnes of lithium hydroxide, and 1,500 tonnes of cobalt in 2015 ready to begin production by January 2016.

China is burning through its natural resources

Vladimir Basov | April 26, 2015
Slowdown. What slowdown? China's copper, iron ore imports set records

China is the globe's top mining country, but its alarming reserves-to-production ratio is forcing domestic miners to hunt for deals in the rest of the world.

Over 240 mining and energy projects waiting for investors in Cuba

Cecilia Jamasmie | April 21, 2015
Over 240 mining and energy projects waiting for investors in Cuba

Cuba, the world’s sixth largest nickel producer and one of the top 10 nickel mining countries, also holds significant deposits of other minerals and oil, new U.S. Geological Survey report shows.

Apple puts batteries at the centre of its EV masterplan

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence | February 25, 2015
Colleen - electric car, charging, lithium - 333

Law suit exposes Apple's electric vehicle ambitions; Supply chain excellence key to company cutting battery costs and increasing volume for secret EV plan, Project Titan

Here's the timeline for battery commercialization

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence | February 11, 2015
commercialization batteries

Big new megafactories coming in 2017.

Lithium, cobalt, graphite tipping point expected in two years: Simon Moores

Michael Allan McCrae | February 3, 2015
simon moores lithium colbalt graphite benchmark battery demand

Much bigger batteries will be needed.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are 'extremely silly' says Elon Musk

Michael Allan McCrae | February 2, 2015
Elon Musk on why Hydrogen fuel cell is dumb

Casting shade.

Baja Mining's long-delayed and almost dead El Boleo finally reaches production

Cecilia Jamasmie | January 23, 2015
Baja Mining's long-delayed and almost dead El Boleo finally reaches production

Red metal output at the mine, over 18 months behind schedule and $750 million over budget, is expected to ramp-up by July.

Are you ready for the January effect?

The Mining Report | January 6, 2015
shutterstock new year 333

As far back as 1942, economists have noted that small-cap companies in particular tend to surge at the beginning of the year in a cycle known as the January Effect.

Chris Berry identifies commodity companies with the disruptive advantage

The Mining Report | December 30, 2014
mt polley expert panel review

Game-changing disruptive technologies or sustainable end-user agreements are what companies need to succeed and he shares some likely names in the cobalt, lithium, nickel, graphite—even uranium—spaces in this interview with The Mining Report.

Sherritt makes big move on US-Cuba deal

Andrew Topf | December 21, 2014
hard hat Cuba mining

Sherritt International (TSX:S), the natural resources company with extensive operations in Cuba, saw a whopping 42.9 percent gain between last Monday and Friday, resulting from an announced thaw in US-Cuba relations.

Greenland explorer tearing it up after assays

Frik Els | October 21, 2014
Greenland explorer tearing it up after assays

Vancouver-based junior jumps 7% after assays from prospect on 3,600km2 coastal property returns strong copper-nickel-cobalt and platinum group results.

Business leaders call for greater global support against Ebola outbreak

Cecilia Jamasmie | September 8, 2014
Business leaders call for greater global support against Ebola outbreak

A group of 11 chief executives of firms operating in West Africa have called for more international support to combat the deadly virus.

Botswana blocks at least 100 copper trucks from Congo over Ebola fear

Cecilia Jamasmie | August 28, 2014
Botswana blocks at least 100 copper trucks from Congo over Ebola fear

The vehicles, en route to South Africa, have been stranded in neighbouring Zambia since Monday.

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