Cobalt Mining News

Business leaders call for greater global support against Ebola outbreak

A group of 11 chief executives of firms operating in West Africa have called for more international support to combat the deadly virus.

Botswana blocks at least 100 copper trucks from Congo over Ebola fear

The vehicles, en route to South Africa, have been stranded in neighbouring Zambia since Monday.

Accusations of Glencore-Zambia tax probe cover-up

The European Investment Bank will not make public the findings of a 2-year tax-avoidance investigation into the Swiss giant's Zambian copper operation.

INFOGRAPHIC: Inside Tesla's $5 Billion Gigafactory

Plant means jobs for 6,500 people.

Tesla retools California plant for Model X SUV

Two vehicle models to be built on same assembly line.

Affordable Tesla details are revealed

Available in 2017 for $35,000.

INFOGRAPHIC: Tesla builds largest charging station network

Superchargers replenish half a charge in as little as 20 minutes.

Tesla Gigafactory could be boon for graphite, lithium, cobalt: Simon Moores

Tesla has dubbed its $5-billion pet project, the "Gigafactory," and it could be up and running by 2017, prompting the need for battery-grade materials like graphite, lithium and cobalt.

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 mind blowing things about Tesla Motors

CEO Elon Musk, credited with much of Tesla`s success, did not actually start the company.

Tesla’s Gigafactory: Needs 6 new graphite mines, but where will cobalt be sourced?

The electric motor company's plans to double the globe's battery output will up graphite demand 152%, but sourcing cobalt outside the Congo could prove difficult.

Fortune Minerals reports Q1 results

The company is currently waiting for its Land Use Permit and Class A Water License from the Wek'èezhìi Land and Water Board of the Northwest Territories.

INFOGRAPHIC: Quick primer on cobalt and batteries

By 2020, cobalt used in rechargeable batteries for everything from cellphones to cars could be greater than today's total global refined market.

Global electric car company could source cobalt from new Langham, Saskatchewan facility

Car maker Tesla prefers suppliers in North America for its $5 billion lithium-ion battery "gigafactory" in the southwest US which could provide a boost for Fortune Minerals proposed refinery near Saskatoon .

A revolution in industrialization is underway

Cobalt is considered a ‘technology enabling’ substance as its at the forefront of technological developments and innovation.

VIDEO: Fortune Minerals makes headway on permits; aboriginal opposition unresolved

If all goes as planned, junior miner Fortune Minerals will operate three projects in Canada in the foreseeable future.

Cobalt market may see more changes in 2014

With 2013 behind us, the cobalt market will reflect on a year that saw minimal price movement despite a number of significant developments.

Fortune Minerals gets conditional environmental approval for Saskatchewan processing plant

The company jumped nearly 18% to trade at 43 cents per share on the Toronto exchange on Tuesday.

DRC mining billionaire turns 29,900% profit on oil deal

Perfecting a strategy honed with copper and gold, Dan Gertler sells back to the DRC an oil block for $150 million acquired 7 years before for $500,000.

At least 26 killed in attack on Congo’s mining hub

The Mai Mai Kata Katanga separatist militia attacked the city of Lubumbashi, in the copper-rich southeast province of Katanga.

Troubled Baja’s mine sees another day, firm faces delisting from TSX

Analysts said Baja is done.

VIDEO: From production to disposal—What's the life of a smart phone actually like?

If you are reading this on a tabloid or a smartphone, then you are likely holding bits of so-called “conflict minerals,” mostly used in the manufacturing of mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Shares of Greenland explorer on a wild ride after drill results

Punters not sure what to make of North American Nickel's latest find in Greenland kick it 17% higher only to let it fall deep into the red.

Position filled: New CEO for London Metal Exchange

Martin Pratt may replace Martin Abbott.

Greenpeace takes on deep sea mining

The International Seabed Authority Council has approved 17 seabed exploration contracts that lie beyond national jurisdiction in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans.

Congo refutes NGO accusations against Chinese miners

Report singled them out as the main cause of human rights abuses in the country, particularly in Katanga, Congo's copper belt province.