Cobalt Mining News

Chinese cobalt sulfate prices continue to slide but at slower pace

Chinese cobalt sulfate prices continued to edge lower although the pace of decline has slowed as spot prices have fallen to below production costs.

Lithium and cobalt use in consumer electronics to rise mildly

The global smartphone market accounts for the largest consumer electronics segment, accounting for around half of its market share.

China's CATL to start producing next-gen low-cobalt batteries in 2019 — source

China's largest lithium battery maker will produce nickel-rich batteries, which are cheaper to make and have longer life-spans than cobalt-based ones.

Major gold mine decision ignores local voices of Yukon – Kuskokwim Tribes and Residents

Yukon and Kuskokwim Tribes and leadership respond with anger to State and Federal Permits issued for Record of Decision for Donlin Gold Project.

Battery upsurge spurs quest to resurrect World War II cobalt mines

Chile, known for its vast copper deposits, is joining the search for cobalt amid soaring demand for a metal that’s mostly mined in the politically risky Democratic Republic of Congo, which holds 60% of the world's reserves.

Auto industry’s use of lithium-ion batteries to grow seven-fold by 2025

The need to store electricity, generated by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, will also help demand to grow, the Metal Bulletin says.

Glencore credits China's 'Blue Skies' program for strong H1

Protectionism could limit future growth.

Sole supplier puts cobalt (and EV) market at risk: IEA

For the International Energy Agency, having the Democratic Republic of Congo as the supplier of almost 60 per cent of the global production of cobalt is a risky business.

World's top miner charges into cobalt

The Nickel West operation in Western Australia, aiming to sell 90 percent of its output to the battery sector by the end of next year, has had success with lab tests.

Battery chemical surplus sparks plunge in cobalt price

A surplus of cobalt chemicals used to make the rechargeable batteries that power electric vehicles has seen Chinese refiners switch to producing metal, sending prices down 30 percent in recent months.

Glencore’s cobalt output up by almost a third thanks to Congo mines

Glencore is the world’s No. 1 cobalt miner, while Congo is the largest producer of the key component for batteries that power electric vehicles.

Ecobalt investors call for sale, new management on delays

Two large shareholders in Canada's Ecobalt Solutions Inc are calling for a change in senior management or the launch of a sales process, saying ongoing mine development delays are wasting a windfall from high battery sector demand.

Vale's Q2 capex reaches lowest level since '05

Vale announced an adjusted EBITDA of US$3.9 billion in Q2 with iron ore production of 96.8 tonnes and sales of 86.5 tonnes.

Thieves jump on cobalt craze with $10m warehouse heist

The explosion in cobalt prices over the past two years has made the metal enticing for crooks, with each ton fetching $82,500.

Tesla's battery maker suspends cobalt supplier amid sanctions concern

Panasonic said it was unable to determine how much of the cobalt used in batteries it makes for Tesla cars comes from Cuba.

How to close the loop on lithium-ion battery recycling

Find the cobalt.

Cobalt — Production remains steady but supply security fears remain high

Last year saw only small changes in global cobalt supply but some large projects are about to come on line.

Germany to host Europe's first EV battery plant

BMW already signed up as the factory's main client.

Panasonic plans to halve cobalt content of car batteries in 2-3 years

Panasonic has already significantly reduced cobalt content, to about 10 percent in its nickel-cobalt-aluminium cathode chemistry.

Glencore shareholders mull suing firm over corruption, bribery probes

They claim mounting investigations into the firm’s dealings in the DRC, where it’s heavily invested, has made the stock collapse and investors may seek compensation for the losses caused by it.

Tesla to open Shanghai plant with capacity of 500,000 cars a year

Chinese electric vehicle ecosystem continues to expand.

Tiger Resources' $260M Congo asset sale to Chinese firm collapses

Tiger expects to release a new Life of Mine Plan for the assets in 6-8 weeks.

China's top EV maker starts battery-swap service to lure users

Beijing Electric Vehicle Co.,is preparing for a stock-market listing and starting a battery-swap service to reduce customers’ range anxiety and keep up with similar offerings from rivals.

Automaker shares soar on U.S. proposal to eliminate tariffs

Shares in European carmakers are having their best trading day in two years after a U.S. official floated a proposal to eliminate vehicle-import tariffs on both sides of the Atlantic.

Eramet searches for lithium deposits in Chile, Argentina, Brazil – CEO

"Our priority is to develop our existing lithium deposit in Argentina. But we are also looking for other deposits in Chile, Argentina and Brazil,"- Eramet Chief Executive Officer Christel Bories