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Buenaventura facing stoppage at Uchucchacua mine

Contracted workers are alleging unsuitable working conditions.

Gold Fields sells majority stake in Peruvian project to Buenaventura

The Peruvian firm will develop the deposit as an underground mine, instead of as an open-pit project.

Peru halts Gold Fields Chucapaca gold project

Decision follows an inspection that showed the company did not have all the necessary land permits.

Peru’s decision on Newmont’s $4.8 billion Conga mine independent of any study: Government

The team of three international environmental consultants hired by Peru’s government has recommended significant changes to Newmont’s hindered $4.8 billion copper-gold project, the Conga mine. But the government is saying its final decision won’t be determined solely by this or any study.

Demonstrators block city exits on day four of Peru gold mine protests

Latin American blogs reported on Sunday exit roads from the regional capital remained blocked and anger was mounting over Newmont Mining's proposed $4.8 billion Conga gold mine in northern Peru as protests entered its fourth day. Schools and business had closed and police used teargas against marchers since protests began Thursday. Residents led by the Maoist president of the Cajamarca region say Conga will destroy the environment by transforming four high Andean lakes into reservoirs for mining operations and on Saturday formed the 'Front for the Defence of the Interests of Cajamarca'. Conga would be the biggest investment ever in Peru mining and is a crucial test for newly installed president Ollanta Humala who has on many occasions publicly backed the project.

Anti-Newmont protest shuts down regional capital

Reuters reports schools and businesses were closed and Peruvian police fired tear gas on Friday to break up a protest at Newmont Mining and Buenaventura's proposed $4.8 billion Conga gold mine as the government tried to mediate a bitter environmental dispute over the project. Residents in the northern city of Cajamarca which has more than 200,000 residents (pictured), led by the president of the region,  say a new mine – adjacent to South America’s largest gold mine Yanacocha – will harm agriculture and livestock by relocating water supplies.  Conga would be the biggest investment ever in Peru mining.

Peru's Yanacocha locals keen on water not $4.8 billion gold project

Reuters reports Peru's government on Friday brokered the first in a series of talks between townspeople and Newmont Mining in a bid to solve a conflict over water supplies at the $4.8 billion Minas Conga project, adjacent to South America's largest gold mine Yanacocha. Newmont was forced to shut down operations for two days at Yanacocha after protesters blocked access to the mine. Minas Conga, partly-owned by Peru's number one precious metals miner Buenaventura, would be the biggest investment ever in Peru's mining sector. Buenaventura reported a 6% drop in quarterly gold output on Friday.

Buenaventura announces strike by contractor workers at the Uchucchacua mine

Compania de Minas Buenaventura S.A.A. ("the Company" or "Buenaventura") (NYSE: BVN; Lima Stock Exchange: BUE.LM), Peru's largest publicly-traded precious metals mining company announced today that Contractors at the Uchucchacua Mine commenced a strike related to […]

Gold and copper revenues see 6% Q4 profit hike for Peru's Buenaventura

Buenaventura's annual net income rises 12% from last year, but gold production including Yanacocha fell 17% in 2010.

Gold Fields and Buenaventura Announce Major Gold Discovery in Southern Peru

Chucapaca's joint venture partners, Gold Fields Limited (51%) (Gold Fields) (JSE, NYSE, NASDAQ Dubai: GFI) and Compania de Minas Buenaventura S.A.A. (49%) (Buenaventura, NYSE: BVN), are pleased to announce the discovery of a major gold-copper-silver […]