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Stakeholders applaud as first round of SEC conflict minerals reports filed

A coalition of NGOs and sustainable and responsible investors has released a list of criteria to assist in evaluating the reports.

Most US companies ‘unsure’ of whether they use conflict minerals in their products

First reports submitted to the US and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) seem vague.

US firms unprepared for upcoming conflict minerals rule enforcement

A PwC survey shows that only 4% of the 700 companies polled across 15 industries said they have completed a draft of their SEC conflict minerals filings.

Ivory Coast wants UN diamond export ban lifted

Government says diamond trade is no longer a threat to fuel instability as civil war has ended and the Kimberley Process has backed the lifting of the embargo.

Money laundering, terrorism financing diamond trade in India, Israel, Belgium, Canada and the US — report

Global diamond trade is being used to launder illegal funds worth millions of dollars, claims polemic study.

EU prepares scheme to stem use of conflict minerals — report

Proposal includes gold, tungsten, tantalum and tin, with the hope of force importers to classify those metals as coming from areas free of conflict.

IT giant Intel takes the conflict mineral bull by the horns

From now on every microprocessor the company uses will be made entirely with conflict-free minerals.

China and Ghana to work harder on tackling illegal mining

Last year Ghana arrested and deported almost two hundred Chinese illegally mining gold in the country.

The new EITI’s requirements and power firms: the case of SNEL in DRC

One of the most innovative highlights of the new EITI’s requirements is the addition of detailed and reliable data, from extractive industries companies and governments, presented comprehensively.

VIDEO: From production to disposal—What's the life of a smart phone actually like?

If you are reading this on a tabloid or a smartphone, then you are likely holding bits of so-called “conflict minerals,” mostly used in the manufacturing of mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Switzerland launches probe into refiner Argor for alleged Congo gold laundering

Swiss authorities to determine whether the firm knew the gold it handled in 2004 and 2005 came from a militia group in eastern Congo.

INFOGRAPHIC: The truth about conflict diamonds

And what can be really done to choose certified conflict-free diamonds.

This is how the Congo supplies 'conflict minerals' to the IT world

Unlike legitimate countries that export tantalum, the Congo is a nation dominated by warlords who force children and locals to work under horrifying conditions.

Central African Republic banned from international diamonds trade — watchdog

Ban comes several weeks after rebels seized control of the country from former President François Bozizé.

More than a third of US firms not ready for conflict minerals rules

American component manufacturers will have to prove they don't use conflict minerals by May next year.

World Diamond Council meets in May

The Ninth Annual Meeting will take place in Israel.

Conflict diamond new definition not likely to see the light this year

The official definition of conflict diamond, as outlined by the Kimberley Process (KP), isn’t likely to change at the next week’s industry plenary in Washington D.C., says the head of the certification scheme, Gillian Milovanovic.

American companies not yet ready for Conflict Minerals Law – report

With only about 21 months remaining until publicly-traded U.S. component manufacturers are forced by law to disclose their usage of conflict minerals to the federal government, the industry appears to be unprepared, says information and analytics provider IHS (NYSE: IHS).

World Gold Council releases conflict-free standard

The World Gold Council (WGC) published Thursday the anticipated conflict-free standard, which aims to restrict production of the yellow precious metal in places where it already fuels or may trigger conflicts and human rights violations.

Diamond supply crunch on its way — analysts

Global production of diamonds reached 124 million carats last year and, according Bain & Company consultants, 13 new mines should be adding 23 million carats by the end of 2012. But Money Week’s analyst Tom Bulford is warning those and other figures are not sufficient to avoid a looming supply crunch.

Wife testifies at diamond dealer’s disappearance inquest

The wife of an Australian businessman, who vanished nine years ago while negotiating a million dollar diamond deal, testified Tuesday about why she didn’t report her husband’s disappearance to police as soon as it happened.

Blood Diamonds of ore: GE takes on conflict minerals

GE is one of 30 companies participating in a pilot program to implement guidelines on conflict minerals due diligence developed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Nobody knows where the $334 million Zimbabwe sold in diamonds last year ended up

The boom in Zimbabwe ‘s diamond industry has not translated into improved living standards for ordinary citizens, as proceeds from gems’ sales benefit a few politically connected individuals and finance undercover security operations, reports.

Conflict Minerals: How the SEC requirements will affect mining companies

The SEC won’t require mining companies to disclose whether they mined tin and gold in African conflict countries, in a long-awaited ruling released this week. However, manufacturers will have to make such disclosures, and will likely require their suppliers, such as mining companies, to make the same disclosures.

SEC sets new ‘conflict minerals’ rules

The new rules compel U.S. companies to release whether they purchase particular metals that have helped fuel war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.