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Bringing Sexy back to Mining

I was browsing through a daily newspaper today looking for mining stories. There was nothing. Actually that’s not true. There was something on page 28 of the H section, written almost completely in jargon by […]

New Gold Inc growing at the speed of light

New Gold Inc. is looking good these days (NGD.TSX,AMEX)… The company has been around forever, but it’s present day structure stems from a more recent three-way merger with Peak Gold and Metallica Resources. Today it has […]

Investors should seek out companies with prospective porphyry projects

Greetings investors! Goldbugs have long proclaimed that the world is running out of vast, easily-mined gold discoveries. That's not new. But you have to wonder, when average investors begin openly questioning how the big producers […]

Clive Maund: Unlock Profits with Technical Analysis

Source: Interviewed by Karen Roche, Publisher, The Gold Report 2/17/2010 Which camp are you in, inflation or deflation? While Mr. Market labors under the pressures of both and the burgeoning weight of artificial stimuli, […]

NICKEL-COPPER MINING: Shakespeare production begins

ONTARIO – URSA Major Minerals of Toronto has begun mining ore at its Shakespeare nickel-copper open pit mine 70 km west of Sudbury…..more at Canadian Mining Journal

CANADIAN MINING PERSPECTIVE: Auto Workers call for probe of Kidd plant closings

The Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) is calling for a federal and provincial probe into the planned closing of the Kidd copper smelter and zinc plant at Timmins, ON…..more at Canadian Mining Journal

Will Baluchistan Province expropriate Antofagasta/Barrick Reko Diq project?

Critics say the highly prospective Reko Diq copper-gold project should revert to full state-ownership to help Pakistan repay its $51 billion foreign debt, and put Pakistan's largest province on a sound financial footing.

Striking miners vow to not give up Cananea without a fight

In spite of a court decision favoring Grupo Mexico, which even the union's attorney has deemed to be final, striking miners say they won't give up the Cananea copper mine after a 2.5 year battle.

Karabashmed ZAO Plant Achieves Production Record

Ausmelt Limited is pleased to announce a record production performance of the Ausmelt TSL copper plant in Russia and congratulates Karabashmed ZAO on the achievement of 500,000 tonnes of copper production since the foundation of […]

Caution Reigns

From the February 2010 HRA Journal David Coffin & Eric Coffin, HRA Advisories The January market dip was focused on profits taking. Good results in various sectors brought selling, but not sell-offs.  It is evidence […]

Siddharth Rajeev: Recovery Signals Paler Shade for Gold

Source: Interviewed by Karen Roche, Publisher, The Gold Report 2/12/2010 As investment demand for gold-including its attraction as a preservation asset-diminishes in a recovering economy, Siddharth Rajeev, vice president of research for Fundamental Research […]

HOT TOPIC: Whither Kidd copper and zinc?

If Xstrata were forced to divest its Kidd metallurgical plants in Timmins, ON, rather than close them, could a... [Full Story]

Louis James: Sharpen Those Shoppertunistic Buying Skills

Source: Interviewed by Karen Roche, Publisher, The Gold Report 2/10/10 To borrow (and stretch) his metaphor from the healthcare arena, Casey Research Senior Editor Louis James sees the patient remaining in grave condition despite […]

First Quantum mine hit by major power outage

Copper production at Zambia's Kansanshi Mining company ground to a halt after a power line was vandalized

Grupo Mexico predicts growth in copper and other metals, reversing upward inventories trends

With the re-acquisition of U.S. copper miner Asarco, Grupo Mexico claims it is now the world's top company in terms of copper reserves.

The Dollar

When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place […]

Soaring Base Metals Stockpiles

Ever since its secular bull kicked off in 2003, the once-boring base-metals sector took on an aura of excitement.  What trader wasn't excited when copper, zinc, nickel, lead, and aluminum put together respective gains of […]

Tom MacNeill: Saskatchewan’s Resources Enriching the World

Source: Interviewed by Karen Roche, Publisher, The Gold Report 1/26/2010 As if the fairy godmother flicked her magic wand, once drab and droopy Saskatchewan has blossomed into the belle of the ball-and the healthiest […]

Chile's Gold Riches: Worth Fighting Over

As the gold market continues its lustrous trend, the corporate elbowing and shoving to get at the richest buried treasures is getting increasingly cutthroat. A prime example involves northern Chile's clutch of mostly prolifically sized […]

Mickey Fulp on Precious Metals after the "Decade of the Aughts"

Source: Interviewed by Karen Roche, Publisher, The Gold Report 1/22/2010 Itchy money made 2009 one of the best years on record for the junior resource sector, according to Mickey Fulp, the Mercenary Geologist. In […]

The Watched Pot…

Doubt that growth of the new creditor economies is the real driver for the metals market is waning ever more rapidly.  Not everyone will view that as a good thing, but most will now look […]

Roundup 2010: Mineral Deposits that Matter

A mineral deposit that matter is a deposit that helps you make money regardless of the economic cycle – has a long life and it has an impact on the global supply. Forecasts are that […]

Weatherly International to sell smelter business to Dundee

The African copper miner has agreed to sell its Tsumeb smelter business in Namibia to Dundee Precious Metals

Copper Correction

Copper has enjoyed a spectacular run higher.  In calendar 2009 as it emerged out of the stock-panic-induced commodities-price crash, it rocketed 153.2% higher!  Such performance is just staggeringly good, even by the high post-panic standards.  […]

New Mine Development on SupplyMine – Jabal Sayid

The copper and gold project is located in Saudi Arabia some 350 km north-east of Jeddah. A Definitive Feasibility Study was completed and results published in December 2009 – the study takes onto consideration underground […]