Dollar Mining News

Australian dollar drops to a 33-month low

Currencies lose amid expectations of a stronger US economy.

Gold weakens alongside dollar

Downward trend continues for metals. Weak dollar provides no relief.

QE2 and its Consequences

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announced on November 3, 2010 that it would purchase longer-term Treasury securities at a pace of $75 billion dollars per month through the Federal Reserve’s Permanent Open Market Operations (POMO) facility by the end of the second quarter 2011 and potentially beyond.

Thinking about China as big changes seen coming in gold, silver markets

As relief courses through the Eurozone government bond markets at the success of Portugal’s, Spain’s and Italy’s government bond auction, the sharp edge of the crisis appears to go away, for now at least.

Buyer beware in a trading world where manipulation is rife

Thursday's trading activity was another one of those days that made no sense whatsoever, or at least no sense in free-market terms.