Drummond Mining News

Colombia’s coal output recovering fast — up 33.8% in Jan-March

Total coal exports, however, fell 13.1% in the quarter, from 17.4 million tons in the first quarter of 2013 to 15.1 million tonnes in the same period this year.

Drummond to restart coal exports from Colombia

Local media is reporting the miner is hours away from resuming its coal shipments at its Cienaga port.

Drummond to resume coal exports from Colombia on March 24

The US-based miner Cienaga port, on the Caribbean Sea, is set to handle an extra 3 million tonnes of coal a year.

Colombia’s coal output down 4% in 2013 due to strikes, rebel attacks

Coal shipments now account for 12% of the country's total exports, second to oil, and on top of the nation’s better known exports, such as coffee and bananas.

VIDEO: Drummond: Economic lifeline or epic polluter?

The Colombian government says Drummond is one of the country's biggest polluters.

More than $7 billion in mining investments stalled in Colombia

Sector blames delays in environmental approvals and decreased demand of commodities from overseas.

Drummond declares force majeure in Colombia as Glencore denies it access to coal port

Analysts say the decision to put a stop to Drummond's exports is an economical "hara-kiri" for Colombia.

Government does 'U-turn' on deal with Drummond, blocks coal-loading

The company won't be allowed to continue loading until it completes its direct-to-vessel loading system.

Colombia's second-biggest coal producer ordered to stop loading

The company is not in compliance with new rules which require miners to implement a direct-to-vessel loading system.

Colombia calls a truce in freshly declared war on coal

It has extended Drummond port improvement deadline, but it will charge the company daily fines.

No end in sight for Drummond strike

Company offered 5% pay hike; union wants 9%.