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Can central banks go broke? A question for India: Andy Mukherjee

Raiding a little more than half of the $95 billion foreign-currency and gold revaluation account would force the RBI to sell an identical proportion of the related assets, or $190 billion. That would trigger a “cataclysmic deflationary shock” for the economy.

As Trump haggles with China on trade, company fortunes at stake

Trump has proposed imposing duties on as much as $150 billion in goods over China’s alleged theft of intellectual property and unfair trade practices.

Weak mining, manufacturing data put pressure on South Africa recovery

Mining production in March suffered its sharpest fall in two years and industrial output dropped, Statistics South Africa data showed on Thursday.

Inflation Deniers Emboldened by Gold's Struggles

The vultures are circling. Precious metals bulls, laid flat by gold and silver prices dropping for the 5th week in a row, are watching deflationists such as Harry Dent and the financial media squawk about […]

Washington hates carrots, loves sticks

A widely-held maxim tells us that money tends to flow from where it is treated badly to where it is treated well. This trend has taken center stage in the ongoing battle between U.S. states […]

The bursting of China’s Credit bubble

According to Garet Garrett in his book “A Bubble that Broke the World” Cheops employed 100,000 men for twenty years to build his great pyramid, “and all he had for 600,000,000 days of human labour was a frozen asset.”

Two precious metal plays for waning consumer confidence

Against a backdrop of record-highs for stocks, consumer confidence is waning—seeing its greatest drop in four months.

Now the perfect time to get back into oil stocks?

The price of light crude oil recently broke through the $100.00-per-barrel mark for the first time this year.

More than half of mining execs think industry is on its way up

Mining executives see lots of more sunny days in 2013 with 55% of participants in a recent survey saying they believe their sector will perform better than it did in the first half of 2012.

Economic Insights from a Lord of Finance

Of all the social memes related to the economic and investment landscape, none is more dominant than that there is a small cadre of powerful Wall Street money men who, working behind the scenes, effectively control investment markets, the global economy and the politicians that play such a big role in that economy.

Investment Threats and Opportunities Heading Into 2011

Ten days into the new year and there has rarely been a time when market commentators have been so thoroughly polarized, in terms of the prospect for the immediate future. While the range of optimism […]