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New mineral found inside gemstones in Israel

Mineral found in one of junior Shefa Yamim’s gemstones has been recognized and approved as a new mineral by the International Mineralogical Association.

Politics, investors fear, keeping mines from adopting renewables — study

The ‘first to be second’ attitude of wanting to integrate new technologies once proven successful by others is hampering the testing of new renewable energy solutions at mine sites.

Silver becomes key component for ultra-efficient solar cells

"This constitutes a first step towards the production of novel electrodes for highly efficient solar cells and lights.”

Nova Scotia miners to give C$8,000 to those who can prove industry ‘rocks’

The judging panel includes former Minister of Natural Resources and current Transportation Minister Lloyd Hines, Chief Terry Paul of Membertou First Nation and’s own Cecilia Jamasmie. 

Epiroc sponsors graduate greatness through GradStar Awards 2018

Epiroc’s resolute focus on being an employer of choice combined with the undeniably important role of the youth in taking South Africa forward, prompted southern Africa’s mining, infrastructure and natural resources equipment partner to co-sponsor the prestigious DHL GradStar Awards 2018.

Swiss scientists developing method to detect low-temperature heated rubies from Mozambique

Since their discovery in early 2009, the ruby deposits near Montepuez in Mozambique have produced an impressive number of exceptional-quality stones.

Northern College host Outland Youth Employment Group at campuses

The Outland Youth Employment Program has been successfully operating in Ontario since 2000 employing over 430 Indigenous Youth. This multi-year program offers a variety of natural resources based field work opportunities and hands-on learning experiences.

Cutting-edge Wits courses in earthmoving, maintenance in mining

Wits University’s Centre for Mechanised Mining Systems (CMMS), part of the Wits Mining Institute, will be presenting its popular three-day courses in mechanised earthmoving and in maintenance management in November.

Canadian researchers find better way to determine the integrity of metals

Researchers at Canada’s University of Waterloo have found a better way to identify atomic structures, an essential step in improving materials selection in the aviation, construction and automotive industries.

Young mining lions on the hunt for strategies to reinvent mining

Two graduates from the highly-ranked Wits School of Mining Engineering in Johannesburg – Tabotabo Talane and Levine Mnisi – began their tenure in the coveted Anglo American Building Leaders and Shaping Talent (BLAST) programme this year, and are embracing the opportunity to seek out long-term solutions for the mining sector.

Lakes, rivers near abandoned mine sites likely source of antibiotics

Canadian researches came to such conclusion after spending years examining waterbodies located within five kilometres of abandoned mine sites.

Mining and metals industries growing workforce

Doe Run Internships give real-world experience to future industry professionals

Seawater yields first grams of yellowcake

Yarn-like material collects largest amount of uranium to date

China's Tsinghua University unit to buy aluminium firm for $3.7bn

Tianshan has annual aluminium smelting capacity of 1.4 million tonnes.

Diamond museum opens in Belgium

The DIVA museum has a butler that allows visitors to peek inside various rooms where precious treasures are kept.

Battery metals supply crunch to slow near-term EVs growth — Moody's

Lack of new projects, investment deficit and increasing political risk will hit supply of cobalt, lithium, copper and nickel, key metals for making the batteries that power electric cars.

Atlas Copco and Skills Development Corporation giving hope to the disabled

In a bid to contribute to the much-needed skills development and work experience of disabled people, Atlas Copco South Africa partnered with the Skills Development Corporation (SDC) 12 months ago on 4 April 2017.

South Australian geologists to drive a revolution in minerals exploration

New research centre has been established to help reduce the cost of mineral exploration in Australia in order to boost output.

SD Mines’ mining and mucking team takes home world championship

The team placed in every competition category - mucking and surveying, hand steel and jackleg, swede saw and gold panning.

Engineers need to start mining soft skills

In order to remain competitive and to achieve growth, engineers at firms in South Africa’s engineering, mining and manufacturing sectors need to recognise the role that emotional intelligence plays in business growth and career development. This says leading management systems and assessment tool provider, Thomas International.

Electric car dreams may be dashed by 2050 on lack of cobalt, lithium supplies

German researchers say cobalt-free battery technologies — including post-lithium technologies based on non-critical elements — are the best way to avoid supply issues in the long term.

Camborne School of Mines students to host 40th International Mining Games

It is the second time the world-famous mining school has hosted the illustrious event, having previously welcomed some of the world’s best and brightest mining students to Cornwall in 2012.  It also sees the games return to the mining landscape where many of the techniques on show were developed.

Scientists closer to producing safer and longer-lasting lithium battery

Using a 3-D layer of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), or silicone, reduces dendrite growth, which makes batteries safer and longer-lasting.

NORCAT launches new experiential training and development programs for the global mining industry

These new programs, which will provide opportunities for both new and existing workers, were developed based on feedback from NORCAT’s global mining partners that identified the need to provide workers with the skills and confidence to implement, operate, and manage emerging technologies that are being adopted by and transforming the global mining industry. 

Exposure to chemicals used in fracking may cause pre-cancerous lesions in mice

US researchers have found that female mice exposed to mixtures of chemicals used in unconventional oil and gas (UOG) operations during prenatal development had abnormal mammary glands in adulthood. Some even developed pre-cancerous mammary lesions.