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Micromine 2016 introduced into Rudny Industrial Institute in Kazakhstan

MICROMINE considers these educational partnerships to be a strategic investment in the development of local communities and the future of the mining industry.

Miners increased spending positive, but far from reaching staff just yet

While most miners have managed to straighten the balance sheets, they have not began preparing to deal with a new looming risk —their ability to access workers with the skills needed in an upswing.

senseFly to Host Free ‘Drone Surveying 101’ Webinar

senseFly, the world’s first choice producer of professional mapping drones, will host a free educational webinar on the applications of drones for professional surveying and mapping.

Here’s how Suncor increased productivity, cut incidents with blended training

Suncor experienced a 50% reduction in incidents and a 3.5% productivity increase by training trucks operators using both computer-based and hands-on tools.

Data contained in diamonds could stay there forever too

Scientists say precious stones could have a more practical, equally long-term use one day.

MICROMINE’s Academic Licencing Scheme (ALS) partners with Indonesian universities to allow for real time learning

MICROMINE’s ALS partnerships aim to create an environment for real time learning and provide students with valuable on the job skills. MICROMINE’s Academic Licencing Scheme (ALS) has been introduced in over 120 academic institutions world-wide and now expands to three new universities in Indonesia.

Micromine allows students to use and experience valuable on the job skills through its easy-to-use features

MICROMINE’s Academic Licensing Scheme (ALS) continues to assist students with industry based learning and on the job skills by partnering with the University of South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (SD Mines) in 2016 and beyond.

Exposure to chemicals released during fracking may harm fertility — study

More than 15 million Americans live within a one-mile radius of unconventional oil and gas (UOG) operations.

UBC and Kal Tire Announce Research Partnership

Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group and the University of British Columbia have formed a research partnership that will allow the two organizations to collaborate in developing technology and innovative solutions for the mining tire industry.

The mining community now has its own social media site — PeopleMine

PeopleMine seeks to connect individuals who work, or aim to do so, in the resources sector.

Canadian scientists identify bacteria linked to acid produced at mining sites

Researchers at the Canadian University of British Columbia (UBC) have isolated organisms that cause acid-rock drainage in mining operations.

Job seekers remain targeted by scams despite economic conditions improving

Scam artists have turned their attention to the mining sector's large legion of job-seekers, several of whom are already out thousands of dollars.

Curtin University sign agreement with Gekko to commercialise breakthrough technology

The Carbon Scout was designed to help gold mine operators optimise process plant efficiency and reduce gold losses is to be brought to market in a collaboration between Curtin University and Gekko Systems.

SA’s mining school heads form collaborative body

To allow more cooperation and information-sharing, the heads of South Africa’s four university mining schools have launched Mining Engineering Education South Africa (MEESA).

Training for mining has moved to a new level

EduMine's mining campus just became a lot smarter, with expanded training content that covers the mining workforce and delivery by an LMS platform designed for mining.

Uranium mining in Canada one of the world’s cleanest — study

New study shows that mining and milling uranium contributes very few greenhouse gases to the total emissions produced by nuclear power generation.

Projected worker shortages will increase the requirement for on-demand training

Where are we going to find these workers? The short answer is that we are not going to find them in mining.

Scientists find way to extract gold from old gadgets

Scottish researchers say discarded items of modern life contain as much as 7% of all the world’s gold.

Canada’s mining industry faces workers shortage of up to 127,000 — report

Experts warn Canada's mining industry faces a looming risk it's not ready to deal with — lack of access to workers with the skills needed in an upswing.

Maintenance optimisation program ‘shuts down’ competition

New software that enables an optimal, streamlined approach to mine plant shutdown scheduling to fast track maintenance was the overall winner at today’s Curtin Commercial Innovation Awards, resulting in $15,000 for its inventors.

Microscopic gold ball could be Alzheimer’s long-sought remedy

The new method is expected to be especially useful in early stages of the condition and could also be used in the treatment of other chronic neurodegenerative diseases.

Past gold mining near Yellowknife severely hurt lakes, wildlife — report

More than 20,000 tonnes of toxic arsenic trioxide released from the now-shut Giant gold mine wiped out entire populations of algae and invertebrates from lakes nearby, study shows.

SME sponsors young mining professionals for Emerging Leaders Alliance

The Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Inc. (SME) is pleased to announce the sponsorship of eight members to attend the 9th annual Emerging Leaders Alliance (ELA) conference, November 9-12, 2016, in Falls Church, VA.

Conveyor Manufacturers Association collaborates in chute design and modelling course

Design of chutes, which are a vital link in any conveyor system, are often an afterthought when designing the main conveyor system.