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Job seekers remain targeted by scams despite economic conditions improving

Scam artists have turned their attention to the mining sector's large legion of job-seekers, several of whom are already out thousands of dollars.

Curtin University sign agreement with Gekko to commercialise breakthrough technology

The Carbon Scout was designed to help gold mine operators optimise process plant efficiency and reduce gold losses is to be brought to market in a collaboration between Curtin University and Gekko Systems.

SA’s mining school heads form collaborative body

To allow more cooperation and information-sharing, the heads of South Africa’s four university mining schools have launched Mining Engineering Education South Africa (MEESA).

Training for mining has moved to a new level

EduMine's mining campus just became a lot smarter, with expanded training content that covers the mining workforce and delivery by an LMS platform designed for mining.

Uranium mining in Canada one of the world’s cleanest — study

New study shows that mining and milling uranium contributes very few greenhouse gases to the total emissions produced by nuclear power generation.

Projected worker shortages will increase the requirement for on-demand training

Where are we going to find these workers? The short answer is that we are not going to find them in mining.

Scientists find way to extract gold from old gadgets

Scottish researchers say discarded items of modern life contain as much as 7% of all the world’s gold.

Canada’s mining industry faces workers shortage of up to 127,000 — report

Experts warn Canada's mining industry faces a looming risk it's not ready to deal with — lack of access to workers with the skills needed in an upswing.

Maintenance optimisation program ‘shuts down’ competition

New software that enables an optimal, streamlined approach to mine plant shutdown scheduling to fast track maintenance was the overall winner at today’s Curtin Commercial Innovation Awards, resulting in $15,000 for its inventors.

Microscopic gold ball could be Alzheimer’s long-sought remedy

The new method is expected to be especially useful in early stages of the condition and could also be used in the treatment of other chronic neurodegenerative diseases.

Past gold mining near Yellowknife severely hurt lakes, wildlife — report

More than 20,000 tonnes of toxic arsenic trioxide released from the now-shut Giant gold mine wiped out entire populations of algae and invertebrates from lakes nearby, study shows.

SME sponsors young mining professionals for Emerging Leaders Alliance

The Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Inc. (SME) is pleased to announce the sponsorship of eight members to attend the 9th annual Emerging Leaders Alliance (ELA) conference, November 9-12, 2016, in Falls Church, VA.

Conveyor Manufacturers Association collaborates in chute design and modelling course

Design of chutes, which are a vital link in any conveyor system, are often an afterthought when designing the main conveyor system.

US solar industry hailed as ‘light at end of tunnel’ for jobless coal miners

Study argues it would be cheap and simple to retrain coal workers for solar jobs.

Viega 2016 Radiant Training Seminars Scheduled for Boston and Anaheim

Leading manufacturer offers industry learning experiences.

Mount Polley and Samarco: What can we do to reduce the chances of another tailings disaster?

Recommendations regarding better site investigation procedures, and stricter adherence to tailings management procedures are obvious steps in the right direction.

SME Issues Health & Safety White Papers

The Health and Safety Division of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Inc. (SME) has issued two white papers authored by industry specialists who share their knowledge, experience and commitment to enhancing health and safety best practices in the workplace.

Australia’s future innovators build bridges to better engineering skills

Judging of the 250 entries in the 2016 Aurecon Bridge Building Competition has begun, with the first of eight judging events around the country commencing today at the Adelaide Judging Day of entries from 13 schools at the Art Gallery of SA.

Haver & Boecker opens doors to future industry workers

The company gave 27 University of Toronto mining engineering students a firsthand look at the industry.

Luleå University of Technology invests In Virtalis VR Technology

With 90% of the iron ore in Europe contained within Northern Sweden, it’s not surprising the Luleå University of Technology is a hub of mining and geological expertise.

Alight Mining Solutions and the Colorado School of Mines strengthen partnership

Tom Struttmann, Head of Alight Mining Solutions, has been appointed to the Mining Engineering Industry Advisory Committee at the Colorado School of Mines.

SME hosts Mining and Mineral Processing Licensure Course

The Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Inc. (SME) is pleased to sponsor a review course to prepare mining and mineral processing engineers who will be taking their licensure examination in the Fall of 2016.

Australia’s uranium polluting the Antarctic — scientists

Australia has about 40% of the world's uranium reserves and exports nearly 7,000 tonnes of yellow cake annually.

Disciplines unite at Wits to prepare mining for the 21st century

The Wits Mining Institute (WMI) will house the school’s Digital Mine project – already well advanced in developing a mock mine within the Chamber of Mines building on Wits University’s West Campus – and a college network to develop 21st century skills at artisan and technician level.

Geoscience BC releases comprehensive guide for BC communities on development of direct-use geothermal

Geoscience BC today released its Direct-Use Geothermal Roadmap, a comprehensive guide for communities and businesses to help them evaluate and develop local geothermal energy projects to stimulate economic development and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.