EduMine Mining News

Here’s how to avoid being caught in mining scams

These courses can help you identify and evaluate the risks involved in mining investments before it’s too late.

CIM, SME, EduMine partnership expands premium courses reach

The three partners are now allowing members to access a vast arrange of peer-reviewed courses via the respective Campus, at membership enrollment prices.

Here’s how Suncor increased productivity, cut incidents with blended training

Suncor experienced a 50% reduction in incidents and a 3.5% productivity increase by training trucks operators using both computer-based and hands-on tools.

CIM, SME partner with EduMine to provide premium courses to members

The mining groups will begin offering the premiere online professional development program to their members later this year.

Here is how being math savvy can make you a better miner

Today, professionals can improve their valuation by using Geostatistics, a group of techniques that model spatial processes and allow estimation of values at unsampled locations.

Two years after Mexico’s biggest mine spill villagers still don't trust their drinking water

Here's what went wrong and how the impacts could have been minimal.

The story of the great mining project that wasn’t so

Here’s how you can prevent this from happening to you

Build a tailings dam right and save money

The cost for Imperial Metals of the Mount Polley breach has reached more than $60 million in rehabilitation alone.

Learning from the past key to avoiding dam failures

The latest advances and opinions in tailings management.

EduMine head wins CIM award

Vale Medal for Meritorious Contributions to Mining