England Mining News

London Metal Exchange traders fined for standing up

Following a 19th century tradition traders today must sit on the red leather sofas arranged in a 20-foot diameter inner ring.

Sirius delays application for $2.7bn potash mine in English national park

According to the company, the mine will employ about 1,800 workers during construction and generate 1,000 permanent jobs once opened.

Unwinding unallocated gold accounts

Little evidence that dealers fully appreciate developing dynamics.

Deutsche Bank opens massive bullion vault in London

With a capacity of 1,500 tonnes.

Thatcher almost sent troops to quell 1984 miners’ strike

Government papers, released by the National Archives, reveal secret plan.

North England old mines may hold key to cheaper energy

Water sitting in flooded abandoned mines can be a source of cheap geothermal energy.

Sirius Minerals delays potash mining plans in English national park

The miner had expected to begin production in late 2016, with initial output of 5 million tonnes per year.

UK Government questions $2.7bn potash project

Authorities fear the mine could interfere with the UK’s missile early warning system.

UK to join race for potash supply

Sirius Minerals has filed a petition to develop a vast potash mine in the U.K., posed to be one of the world’s largest deposits of the commodity.

It’s getting warm in Antarctica, but mining still a pipe dream

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is warming at three times the global average. Would this open the door for mining?

Nearly 90 pieces of gold and silver found in English historical site

About 90 new pieces of gold and silver have been discovered in the field close to Lichfield, in Staffordshire, England, where the Staffordshire Hoard of Anglo-Saxon treasure was found three years ago.

UK announces controversial shale gas tax breaks

As analysts predicted, UK Chancellor George Osborne used his Autumn Statement Wednesday to announce tax breaks and the creation of a government office to simplify regulation of the unconventional gas sector.

Barclays opened precious metals vault in London

British bank Barclays opened its first precious metals vault on the outskirts of London that caters to institutional investors, sovereign-wealth funds, central banks and commercial banks.

UK’s imminent sale of uranium producer to bring in billions

British taxpayers could net as much as $4.6 billion with the government’s sale of its stake in nuclear power giant Urenco, a move which aims to solidify the country’s policy to end national ownership of nuclear businesses.

Judge pares fine over deaths after hearing about UK Coal's dire finances

The UK Daily Record reports a judge hearing how four miners died following safety breaches in 2006 and 2007 at Britain's biggest mining firm – UK Coal – has indicated he will not impose fines at a level which would "cripple" a company which in court was described as being in a "pretty desperate situation". UK Coal is a shadow of its former self – in May 2008 it was trading at £5.84 while on Thursday in London trade the company exchanged hands for 34p giving it a market capitalization of not much more than £100 million.